#13 – Midway Monkey Madness



Midway Monkey Madness stars Beppo, Superman’s Super Hero Pet.  He has the same powers as Superman: x-ray vision, super hearing, heat vision, the ability to fly, and two powers Superman doesn’t have: a super strong tail and super breath.  Beppo is enjoying his favorite food, a chocolate covered banana, while riding the Ferris Wheel at the Bazooka Carnival.  Suddenly, he hears screaming coming from the midway.  Beppo flies down to check it out and there is The Gorilla Grodd.   Gorilla Grodd is tearing open all the cages and letting the animals run free.  People are running trying to avoid the animals, which could harm them.  Beppo must get the animals back in their cages and The Gorilla Grodd into a very large cage.  He needs help.  The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, with their monkey Gleek, arrive to help Beppo.

The illustrations include delightfully colored animals.  The carnival comes to life for kids in word and pictures, a great way for kids to learn.   The story has humor and action kids will enjoy.  Plus, the ending is exciting and will please readers.  This will be one of those “read it to me one more time, Pleeease” books that kids will not put down.  The book also includes pictures of every Super Hero Pet in addition to every Villain pet.  Beppo and Gleek tell a few silly jokes that will tickle a child’s funny bone.   The Wonder Twins offer definitions for the more difficult words in the story.  This colorful book is one children will love, especially boys and girls who like any of the Super Heroes such as Beppo’s Superman.

Note: received from Net Galley, courtesy of the publisher


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