#15 – Ragdolls Are The Best



This is a great beginner reference book for kids.  There are four colorful chapters highlighted with pictures, a glossary and index, plus a suggested reading list.  The chapters cover a lot of ground in its 32 pages. Beginning with “What is a Ragdoll?” children will learn the basics about this cute breed.  They will learn about ragdoll’s coloring and points, average size and size as compared to other breeds of cats and about this cat’s “fluffy” coat that does shed, though very little.

Chapter two, “How the Breed Got Started” talks about the ragdoll breeds start in California in 1960 by a woman named Ann Smith.  Then there is a little history regarding cats in Europe and Egypt.  The third chapter, “So You Really Want a Ragdoll,” is about the special needs of the ragdoll cat.  Kids will learn about the type of pet ragdolls are and the special care needed when you bring one of these cats into your life.

The final chapter is called “Welcoming Your Ragdoll.”  The equipment that will be needed for a ragdoll along with veterinarian care is discussed along with the breed’s day-to-day needs.  Then there is a glossary listing the important words used in the book, a simple index so kids can look up topics.  Finally, there is a list of recommended reading about the Ragdoll cat.

I found this to be a cute and informative little book.  I am owned by one of those blue-eyed beauties, so I was especially curious to read this book.  While I knew all the information it contains, I think it is a wonderful, complete primer on the ragdoll cat for children.  Yes, this is a special breed and owners all do “fall in love” with the “best breed ever.”

There is one bit of information I found confusing.  The author makes  mention of Matilda, a hotel cat in the 1930’s who was large, white and blue eyed.  While she does not call Matilda a ragdoll, including her in the book, with a general ragdoll description, seems to imply Matilda was a ragdoll.  Then, in chapter two, the author states that the ragdoll “breed got its start” in California in the 1960’s and calls it the “birth of the best breed ever.”  I do not dispute the latter claims, these cats ARE the best breed ever (and I think they know it), yet Matilda draws question to the decade in which the breed began.  While minor, kids are sharp and will notice this discrepancy.

I think this is a great book for kids and a good one to read before getting one of these big, wonderful, wanna-be puppies.  Mine acts just as described in the book and looks as described.  If your child is interested in a gentle, affectionate cat, this is a must-read book before bringing a new pet home.  It is a great starter reference book for kids.  This book is not only a good read it can help your child learn how to use reference books now while they are soaking up knowledge like a sponge.

received galley from NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher


13 thoughts on “#15 – Ragdolls Are The Best

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    • So nice to have a real ragdoll on my blog. I’m so honored.

      OK, it’s me, Theo. I saw you leave my blog to come here.
      No one knows I’m here, so don’t tell.
      Pretty nice book about us. That author really gets us.
      I think it is the best book on this site.
      I want to write a sequel but I’m not suppose to use the computer.
      I spilled cat nip on the keys and then tried to lick it out.
      She got mad. Glad to see your here. Now get on back, I’ll wait.


    • You are most welcome. Are you a fan of cats? I have a ragdoll and they are the cutest. He’s snow white with a little cream at the points and shiny blue eyes. Adorable.


    • Hey Golden Retriever! Fetch!

      Sorry, my cat, Theo, isn’t fond of seeing comments from dogs, no offense. Theo is a real ragdoll. All white with light brown points and bright blue eyes. He also chews everything he puts into his mouth and he puts everything in his mouth. Boxes, belts, his carriage, my toes, everything. I think he thinks he is a dog!

      Actually, he is displaying typical ragdoll puppy characteristics. Don’t tell him but I like golden retrievers.


    • Appenzeller Sennenhunde,

      Is that a foreign language, a strange animal or a secret code?
      I’m glad you like animals. Remember to always be kind to them.


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