#26 – Alexis and the Tahoe Tumult by Erica Rodgers


Alexis and the Tahoe Tumult is another in The Camp Club Girls Series of mysteries solved by this team of girls from around the country.  This one mainly involves Alexis and Bailey, who has joined Alexis’ family on a ski holiday.  Alexis is doing a video for a Discovery Channel contest at The Tahoe Animal Reserve and Rescue at Lake Tahoe.  The mysteries needing solved are many.

Mountain Lions have escaped; animals have become suddenly ill or acted oddly; a coyote became deathly ill; property has been vandalized; and the owners have received numerous threatening letters.  These are some of the mysteries troubling owners Karen and Jake Ingles.  They had decided not to allow Alexis and Bailey to video on the property, because they never knew what might happen next.  One day Jake was knocked out by someone trying to vandalize the reserve.  They are concerned for the girl’s safety.

Alexis’ father convinces the Ingles that Alexis and Bailey have solved many a mystery with the other camp club girls and have prevailed through numerous trials.  Agreeing that the girls might be able to help solve the mystery, the Ingles agree to proceed as planned.  Right away a disaster strikes.  Numerous mountain lions have been released from their cages and are running loose.  The girls help round up the lions, getting them back in their cages.

Alexis and Bailey continue to figure out why some of the mysteries have occurred and think Bruce Benton is behind everything.  Bruce wants to buy the reserve and turn it into another resort and has said he is willing to do anything to get the land, but the Ingles have repeatedly refused to sell.  The girls also befriend Angelo, a teen who is feeling alone, with nothing to do, while his dad spends his time on business.  That turns out to be very fortuitous.  Angelo saves Alexis’ life when a hibernating bear suddenly awakes and chases everyone down the mountain.

This is another good Camp Club Girls book.  The story has multiple layers and never drags.  The reader must stay on their toes if they want to figure out who is doing all the bad things to the reserve.  Bruce Benton may not be the guy.  There is also a woman named Chloe who has her hand in the mix.  This is a fun book with great characters that are easy to care about.  If you have liked the previous Camp Club Girls books, you will definitely like this one.  Alexis and Bailey work well together, getting a little help from the rest of the club through emails.   I do not know if Alexis won the Discovery Channel contest but I do know she had to have made a terrific video from the animal reserve.  Good fun.

note: received from netgalley, courtesy of the publisher


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