JournalStone Has a New EBook Store

JournalStone Publishing has made their entry into the digital world complete with the opening of a digital store.  Now, JournalStone titles can be bought directly from the publisher, cutting down the time it takes to get your hands on one of their great Young Adult titles.

Check these out:

Ghosts of Coronado Bay, A Maya Blair Mystery

Imperial Hostage, Book 1 of the Destruction Series

JournalStone’s 2010 Warped Words, for Twisted Minds

The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I, The Savior Rises

Learning to Cry

Any Witch Way Reviewed here at Kid Lit.  Look under 5 stars, read the review, then go get the ebook!

OK, as much as I want everyone to spend more time here, I must tell you to go, NOW, to JournalStone and check out their titles.  I believe you will like what you see.  And keep checking back.  Word is, JournalStone is got some great titles in the works.  Don’t be the last to read these great books. You might even win a copy from JournalStone GO!

Don’t forget to come back. 

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