#39 – Earth Day, Every Day by Lisa Bullard


Trina is worried about the Earth.  She knows that the Earth inhabitants, we Earthlings, do not care for our home as well as we should.  We hurt the Earth by throwing away too much, making the air dirty, and wasting power.  Trina thinks we Earthlings should do what her mother says, “Clean up your own messes.”

Trina has many ideas to help the Earth, not only on Earth day, but also on every day of the year.  Trina traded an old puzzle for a used soccer ball on “Earth Trade Day.”  During “Earth Nights,” Trina and her family have loads of fun playing board games.  They ignore the television, computer, and video games on this special night.  All of those things use power, which makes dirt that hurts the Earth.

On the official “Earth Day,” on April 22, Trina and her classmates planted trees.  Trees produce oxygen and help clean the air.  All of these things help animals, too.  Anything that hurts the Earth will hurt wild animals, our pets, and us Earthlings, which is why Trina wants to make it Earth Day, Every Day.

This is a nice chapter book for middle graders.  There are three chapters, a special section on how to compost, a glossary, links, places you can learn more, and an index.  For a small 28-page book, it packs a large drawer full of information on helping the
Earth become a better, cleaner, and safer place.

The illustrations are crisp, colorful, and sometimes funny.  They help tell the story right alongside the text.  If Trina’s smile is her happiness barometer, she is an exuberant girl.  She wears a red band on her head and her eyes are big, round, and alert.  According to her brother, Trina has a big mouth.  She uses that bigness to call all her neighbors out on Earth Day and on Saturday Earth Trade Days.

Get your children (your entire family), helping the Earth on April 22nd each and every year.  Since we are Earthlings, we should be taking care of our home on a daily basis.  This book will help children understand what Earth Day is and how to help.  There is humor, colorful illustrations to help understand the concepts Trina talks about, and some great ideas and resources to help make Earth Day, Every Day.

Note:  received from netgalley, courtesy of the publishers.

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