#42 – ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby


Every child needs to learn their ABC’s and what better way than a day at the circus.  Patrick Hruby has captured the essence of such a day in his book ABC is for Circus.  There is a lion, a tiger and a big top (sorry, no bear). Jugglers juggle, snake charmers charm, and a ringmaster directs it all.

The book is made of thick cardboard that will withstand teethers and biters alike.  The book opens nearly flat and the pages are easy to turn.  This is a substantial version of an ABC book that any child would love.  The pages are thicker for little fingers to grab and the book is easy to hold while reading or showing a child.

The illustrations, also done by Mr. Hruby, are colorful and filled with geometric shapes your child will enjoy and could learn to identify.  Bright yellows, reds, blues, and greens highlight most of the illustrations.  Some have black silhouetted scenes, which helps the colors jumps off the page. This well-done, well-constructed, hardy (chuncky), book will last well past learning the ABC’s.


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