New Releases for August 2011

A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon  by Audrey Penn   4 stars

What child has not feared monsters under the bed?  Chester Raccoon is no different.  When he goes to bed in the afternoon, the sun is up, and it throws shadows against the floor and walls of his bedroom.  Chester thinks these shadows are animals that could harm him.  He cannot go to sleep, just as your child cannot when the monster fear arises.  Mrs. Raccoon gives Chester a gentle kiss.  This simple reminder that he is loved, helps Chester calm his fears and sleep.  MORE . . . 


Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully  by Audrey Penn  4stars

Chester and his pals have been getting bullied by a badger and do not know what to do.  Mrs. Raccoon sits the kids down and tells them a story.  In the story a forest floor is covered with shiny yellow stones that are cherished and collected.  One day a blue stone, with sharp points, is found among all the fabulous yellow stones.  No one wanted this ugly rock until they were shown how to value it and help the stone become a better stone.  So the animals went to work chipping off the points and polishing the rock.  Soon they had a shiny rock they could cherish, though it was still blue.  MORE . . .


I Am Tama, Lucky Cat  by Wendy Henrichs   5 stars

I Am Tama, Lucky Cat is based on a Japanese legend and it reads like a fable.  Tama arrives at a temple looking for food and shelter.  What she finds is a poor monk willing to share the few things he has.  Tama feels like a lucky cat for having found this master and his broken temple.  They share everything and Tama helps by keeping their small food supply free from mice and warming her master with her fur coat.  The monk feels blessed, having been found by a rare black and orange colored Japanese Bobcat.  MORE . . .



My Dog, My Cat  by Ashlee Fletcher  3stars

This is a simple, young child’s book detailing a few basic differences between a dog and a cat.  Things such as a cat meows but a dog barks, cats eat tuna, dogs eat steak, and dogs fetch balls while cats chase yarn.  The 29 pages are readable in minutes.  The illustrations are bold, colorful and match the words without fail.  With the book laid flat, the pages do not match up as drawn.  On the right will be a dog with trim that extends to the next page, which is on the next set of pages.  MORE . . .


All titles can be purchased at Amazon.  Purchases supports Kid Lit Reviews and Tween and Teen Books.


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