#54 – Abe’s Lucky Day by Jill Warren

4 1/2 stars

Abe is homeless.  He is a most unlucky man.  Abe’s clothes are ragged, and he has not showered in such a long time that he smells bad.  Soon, winter will be arriving and Abe could use a pair of warm gloves, a hot meal and a place to sleep that shelters him from the coming snow and cold breezes of Winter.  He lives behind a bakery.  One day someone leaves a warm loaf of bread near Abe’s home.  He shares this warm bread with an elderly woman who has an empty belly.  When he finds a pair of warm, newer looking gloves, Abe hands them to a boy with near freezing hands and stuffs his own hands into his pockets to keep them warm.  Abe comes across good fortune and shares it or passes the entire thing on to someone with a more pressing need than his own.  Finally, Abe runs into some good fortune he cannot give away and this greatly improves his life.

Many of us go about our daily lives, rarely seeing someone who lives behind a bakery, in a refrigerator box.  Few of us have ever experienced this life.  Abe’s Lucky Day may not have the answers, but it does help us understand a few important things.  The homeless among us need our help, as they try to help themselves.  One “pay-it-forward” can dramatically change a person’s life.  Though homelessness is not a subject many of us want, or like, to talk about, we need to stay aware.  Anyone living paycheck-to-paycheck are painfully close to that situation, save one crisis.

Abe’s Lucky Day is a picture book written for children that can help all of us remember and talk about the homeless, remember to pay-it-forward, to show generosity and compassion and to take care of each other.  Many kids have only seen a homeless man on television, but can probably name a few classmates who are poor, maybe even smell from dirty clothes or the lack of a bath.  This book can help foster understanding.  This may all seem like a load of a burden for a simple children’s picture book.  Abe’s Lucky Day can handle it.  It is a great read-aloud then discuss book for schools and should be on every classroom’s bookshelf, from grades K to 8, if not 12.

Abe’s Lucky Day

Author:  Jill Warren
Publisher: Outskirt Press
Publication Date: 2011 
ISBN: 978-1-4327-7305-2


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