#55 – The Adventures of Sasha and Malia at the White House by Carol Francois and P. Segal


Sasha and Malia are two of the new occupants at the White House.  Their new home is a huge building with tons of rooms to explore.  One night their new puppy sees a light and warns the girls.  They follow it and find a room they had not seen before.  They thought they had found every room at the White House, but this is a secret room.  In this room, the girls find themselves transported back into America’s history.  President Lincoln is waiting for Frederick Douglas’ draft of a new legislation President Lincoln wants to make law, but he is tied up and needs help to escape.  The girls are guided into the room so they can help free Mr. Douglas.  If they do not succeed, their father will not be the President of the United States.  It will be against the law.

This is not what I expected when I first read the title.  I thought this would be a nice story about life in the most famous house in America, as seen through the eyes of two young girls.  I was quite surprised to find myself transported back to a time when the color of your skin determined your place in society.  Despite taking a few liberties with history, the authors do a great job telling the story of the Emancipation Proclamations very beginnings and the two men who were most vital in its legislation.  Then, they bring it full circle to the twenty-first where, without it, life in America would be different because our White House’s occupants would not be Mr. Obama and his family.

I was lousy in history when I was a kid.  I would get tangled in the details and not understand how history was important.  This book helps tie history with the present.  It is no longer something that just happened a long time ago.  Here, the authors show how vital this time in history is to this time in the present.  The writing is easy to comprehend, logical and interesting.  The surprise ending is very good; a nice little prize.  The illustrations have a life-like precision to them and are nice additions to the text.  I think this is a good book for any parent home schooling their child.  The story is a nice way to start any study of the civil war, Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, slavery and especially the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Adventures of Sasha and Malia at the White House

Author:  Carol Francois and P. Segal
Illustrator:  Jay Mazhar
Publisher: New Vision
Number of Pages:  39
ISBN:  978-0-9831-9315-9


4 thoughts on “#55 – The Adventures of Sasha and Malia at the White House by Carol Francois and P. Segal

  1. Thanks so much, Suzanne! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book, and that it had some unexpected surprises for you. We really hoped to bring history alive for children, because our ability to understand the past makes it far easier to understand the present. Of course we’ll be sending your review out far and wide!


    • I so happy you are pleased. I do not promise positives reviews – ever. Your book, the above book, made reviewing easy. I can’t think of anything I would say against it. The writing is well done, the story kept me interested to the very end – I love the end surprise, too. Very ingenious. A really good job all around. This is one book I can heartily recommend for kids and for parents who home school. Really wonderful. Congratulations.


  2. This really is a good story and mostly historically correct (took a few liberties to tell a good story). I think you shoudl check it out.


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