#56 – Little Red Riding Hood Into the Forest Again by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger


Little Red Riding Hood apparently did not learn her lesson.  She is heading back into the forest to take Grandmother a cake.  Once again, a dark shadow follows her through the forest, then races ahead to prepare for Little Red’s visit.  One wonders, did Grandmother learn anything?  She is allowing Little Red Riding Hood to travel the forest once more.  Do they believe the Wolf, “The Big Bad Wolf,” has left the forest for the city?  One thing is for sure, it is never safe to walk these woods.

This is not a remake of the original Little Red Riding Hood.  This is a new story for a new age.  Little Red Riding Hood has a few surprises she did not have helping her the first time around.  Maybe one was a gift from Snow White.  No matter, “Little Red” listens not and proceeds to walk through the woods again, fully aware that eyes are upon her.  The word play is fantastic.  Children will be jumping in with glee to recite many of the verses.  Each character’s voice is distinctive and parents will enjoy reading the different parts.

Rarely do I receive a book that makes me immediately dive in and read cover to cover.  The cover is what piqued my interest in the first place.  The author and illustrator are one.  Ms. Wenger has done a marvelous job with both the text and the illustrations.  Everything is original and fresh.  This is a fun read that makes a great bedtime story or a wonderful choice for story hour.   Don’t pass this one up.

Little Red Riding Hood. Into the Forest Again

Author:  Shaunda Kcennedy Wenger
Publisher:  Essemkay Company Productions
Publication Date:  2011
Number Pages:  60
ISBN:  978-0-6154-4597-7



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