#66 – Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader

2011 Gold Medal Winner of Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

5 Stars 

“Having hunted for her mother’s hair, a young girl learns the truth about cancer while experiencing life (with hats, scarves, baldness, and love), during chemotherapy.”

Nowhere Hair is a wonderful way to begin a talk centered on cancer.  The author uses comforting tones that will sooth young and old alike.  No one wants to mix children in with cancer, yet life has a way of doing as it pleases.  When it does strike, children need a way to understand all that is happening around them.  They need to know they are not to blame, did not cause, nor will they be punished because of the illness their loved one is now suffering.

Nowhere Hair can be the starter to a great conversation.  Children can learn to empathize with mom or grandma, or maybe an aunt dealing with the effects of chemotherapy.  The image of a bald woman alludes to illness and this book  helps take the scary out of the way mom looks, offering up alternatives to her once coiffed head.  In the end, it is not the hair that matters, but the love.

Nowhere Hair uses humor in just the right places to keep this serious subject light for children.  The illustrations capture the essence of the story with its light, curvy, watercolor strokes.  Children live in a very small world.  When something like cancer strikes, small ones need to know what is happening around them and how this will affect them.  Nowhere Hair is the perfect story for the situation.

I really like the story for its insights to a child’s way of thinking. “It wasn’t something that I did. Or said.  Or even thought.  Dad promised me (he crossed his heart) it’s not because we fought.”  The author is very much in touch with a child’s point of view.  For anyone who has been in this situation the daughter’s words can be heart breaking.  This is a great book for kids.  The illustrations give the book a light, breezy feel; an inviting tone.  The cover, with its sunny beach setting, instantly drew me in.  I think anyone undergoing chemotherapy would enjoy this story.  For that reason, Nowhere Hair makes an excellent gift for both young and old.

Nowhere Hair

Author:  Sue Glader
Illustrator:  Edith Buenen
Publisher: Thousand Words Press
Publication Date: September 2010
Number of Pages:  32
ISBN:  978-0-9843-5910-3


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