#67 – Franklin’s Christmas Gift by Paulette Bourgeis


Franklin loved Christmas.  He could name all of Santa’s reindeer.  He could ties ribbons into bows and play “Silent Night” on his recorder. Franklin liked to give presents and receive them.  But this year he couldn’t decide what to give to the Christmas toy drive.

Each year, Mr. Owl’s class donates new and gently toys for needy families.  This year, Franklin cannot decide what to give.  The only toy he will part with is his more than gently used truck.  Franklin has three more days to donate.  The next day he receives a gift from his Great Aunt Harriet, who knows how to give special gifts.  Excited over the present, Franklin forgets all about a gift for the toy drive.  On the eve of the third and final day, Franklin’s Great Aunt visits.  Finally, Franklin gets to open her gift.  Franklin’s time with his aunt inspires him take action.

Franklin’s Christmas Gift is an inspiring story of love, giving, caring, and sharing.  Children will learn the true meaning of Christmas – giving is better than receiving.  Franklin found that his gift to Great Aunt Harriet gave him as much joy as it gave her.  This is so true, especially this time of year.  Picking out that one-of-a-kind gift, then watching the recipient open it, can be exhilarating.  That feeling is the cause of cries heard in every home with a child.  “Open mine!  Open mine!”

The illustrations are Christmas bright; happy and joyful hues of green, red, blue, gold, and other sparkly colors.  The drawings are cute.  The words are an inspiration.  I liked the tone of giving and the uncertainty Franklin shows in not wanting to part with any of his treasures.  The items that we have, the things we collect, become more important than people do.  We cannot part with any of our stuff, sometimes even when that thing has out lived its usefulness.  Christmas is a good time to put those priorities in order.  Franklin does just that, and it will instill the gift of giving in those who read Franklin’s Christmas Gift.

Franklin’s Christmas Gift

Author: Paulette Bourgeis
Illustrator:  Brenda Clark
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Number of Pages:  32
ISBN:  978-0-5900-2611-6

2 thoughts on “#67 – Franklin’s Christmas Gift by Paulette Bourgeis

  1. I really like Franklin the Turtle! I watched the cartoon when I was younger. I didn’t know there was a Christmas book. I bet my little sister would like it! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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