#74-82 – AdoraPet’s Pima Puppy & Pico Puppy Series by YiShaun Yang

AdoraPet’s Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy Series      5 stars

Author: YiShaun Yang
Illustrators: Jeeyun Lee & Claire Cho
Publisher: AdoraPet Publishing
Publication Date:  2011
Number of Pages:  24 each book

****All 8 Donated to Library


The AdoraPet’s Series, star Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy, two lovable characters ready to take your children on many journeys.  At a time when children’s brains are like a sponge, soaking in knowledge as fast as they receive it, these little books are a wonderful way to add to your child’s learning and have fun at the same time.  Each one is colorful and teaches kids to both read and learn something new.

I like these little books because of what they set out to do.  They are as the name suggests–adorable.  There are eight books in the series thus far, and can be bought as eBooks or in hard cover.  I recommend the hard cover because I really think young kids will want to re-read these books and carry them around.  Between the two versions, the printed hard cover is the better experience.  At less than $6, these books are a great buy and the size is perfect for little hands.  When looking for these, each title begins with the series name AdoraPet’s and then the book title.  I am going to leave that out for now, just to save some space.

Astronaut Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-9367-2909-8

Go with Pima and Pico as they gear up and launch the space shuttle into outer space.  Learn how to float in zero gravity then take a walk in space, right outside the space shuttle.  Gaze at all the planets in our universe, while taking a close-up picture of each one.  Learn which planet is the farthest the Sun, which has rings around it, and which planet can get extremely hot.  Find out exactly where Earth is located among the planets.  Return from your trip to outer space, take a breather and then suit up again.  You can launch as many times as you desire

Ballerina Pima Puppy
ISBN: 978-1-9367-2903-6

The dance recital is today!  It’s time to gather up your costume and practice before the big show.  Your friends are already here and  they’re warming up with stretching to loosen up dancing muscles.  Then it is time to get dresses.  Slip on the special tights that show off your ballerina muscles, slip into your ballerina slippers, and don’t forget the tutu.  As show time nears, you’ll line-up off stage behind the closed curtains.  Then the curtains rise and you and your friends will put on a wonderful ballet recital.  Don’t forget your positions.  Ready?  First position, second position . . . fifth position and now plie(plee-ay), and jete (zhuh-tay) and a couple more movements, all choreographed beautifully.  When it is over take a deep, well-deserved bow as the audience claps wildly

Chefs Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy
ISBN: 978-1-9367-2904-3

Those TV chefs have nothing on Chefs Pima and Pico.  Put on your chef’s hat and follow along.  Pima and Pico are going to teach you how to make tonight’s dinner.  Step One: wash your hands.  Next, wash the lettuce for a nice healthy tossed, but not too high, salad.  Watch closely while Chef Pico boils noodles and Chef Pima makes chicken stew.  Soon, all that needs to be made is desert.  Both Chefs Pima and Pico will help you make Elephant Ear Cookies.  Get out the ingredients, mix then up, roll out your dough, and ask mom or dad to heat the oven.  In no time flat desert will be ready . . . actually, in ten minutes flat.  The Chefs have left you the recipe.  Now you make Elephant Ear Cookies whenever you want.

Visit The Dentist     
ISBN: 978-1-9367-2905-0

It is time for Pima and Pico to go to the dentist.  They need their teeth cleaned and checked for cavities, just like you.  Tag along and watch as they each learn about the different teeth in your mouth.  Hop up on the dental chair with Pima and Pico and meet the dentist.  After your teeth are clean, don’t forget to spit in the little round sink before you slid off the chair.  Did you learn how to do quick smell test?  You did?  Good.  Now remember to do that test at home after your brush and floss your teeth.  Pima and Pico are so happy you went to the dentist with them they left a special gift.  In the back there is a chart of every tooth you will get and when it will pop out to make room for your adult teeth.  They even tell you how old you will be when these teeth should come and go.  It is really a neat way to end your visit to the dentist.

On The Farm
ISBN: 978-1-9367-2906-7

Did you hear that?  It’s a rooster telling you it is time to go to the farm with Pima and Pico.  Grab your overalls and get to work.  The cow needs milked, the eggs collected, the fruit needs picked, and the tractor needs moved from here to there.  Did you hear that?  Was it a horse or a pig?  After you figure that out, plant some seeds.  Some food grows up from the ground.  Finally, Finish the morning with a big, well-deserved, farm-sized breakfast.  Tomorrow Pima and Pico will help you do it all over again

Firefighter Adventure
ISBN: 978-9367-2900-5

A loud bell sounds at the firehouse and wakes you up.  Somewhere there is a fire and you need to put it out. Pima and Pico are right with you to help.  So put on those fire outfits, slide down the fire pole, and hop onto the fire engine.  It is time to race across town to the raging fire only the three of you can put out.  Quickly, park the fire engine, you’ve found the fire.  Now get the water hoses unwound and get that fire put out.  Hurry, because there is another emergency only you can handle.  There is a timid kitten stuck in a tree.  He is afraid to climb down.  Raise the engine’s ladder, carefully climb up, and bring the scared feline back down.  How does it feel to be a hero?

Mermaid Adventure
ISBN:  978-1-9367-2908-1

Deep in the ocean, lying on a bed of kelp is Pima.  She is a mermaid!  Swim along with Pima, flipping and floating or ride a seahorse as you explore the waters.  Make friends with all sorts of creatures, like an octopus or a shrimp, a starfish or a jellyfish.  What does a fish have that you do not?  What do you have that a fish might want?  Look!  Up ahead there is a net.  There is a fish caught in the net.  Quickly, swim over to him and release the fish from the tangled rope net.  Wow!  It sure is a good thing you have hands and not fins.

Pirate Adventure
ISBN:  978-1-9367-2902-9

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate?  Sail on the sea, carry a sword, and wear an eye-patch?  Pima and Pico are ready to take you on just such an adventure.  Climb aboard, Pirate.  You’re looking for a buried treasure.  With the treasure map, find the “X” that marks the location of the treasure chest.  You are going to need every pirate skill you can muster to figure out the clues.  There is the first “X.”  What does it mean?  I think it means you need another clue.  Hurry!  Pima and Pico divided the pirates and each group is after the same treasure.  Will your group find it first?  Congratulations, you found the treasure chest.  Look at all the pirate’s gold and silver.  Will you share it with Pima, Pico, and the rest of the mates?  And, what does that gold “X” mean?  I think is has a special meaning only you, Pima, and Pico can decipher.  Good luck and no peeking out from under that eye patch

AdoraPet’s Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy Series

Each of these books is a mini adventure for kids that will keep them entertained and learning.  They can play right along with Pima and Pico.  The books are short, just perfect for small attention spans.  They are also pint-sized to fit into little hands.  I think they are adorable and young children will love these stories.  The illustrations will delight your child as they did me.  Some, like in Pima and Pico’s Astronaut Adventure, are good learning tools.  These books are what young children love to read.  They are exciting, short adventures that will have children playing out the story they’ve read or heard.  These books will begin a love of reading for your child that will last a lifetime.  I think Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy are adorably terrific!

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