Liebster Award from Erik at This Kid Reads Books

 I received the Leibster Award from Erik, the prolific reviewer at This Kid Reads Books

If I understand this correctly, the Leibster Award is given to a blog with less than 200 followers, that someone (Erik) finds especially interesting and wants others to notice.  To accept there are a few things I must do.

1.  I must publicly thank the giver of the reward.

       Thank You, Erik!  

2.  Tell Five Things About Yourself.
                         1.  I was a social worker, and before that a photographer.
                         2.  I have systemic lupus.
                         3.  Recently, I ran my car into the brick building I live in, taking out a bush, but no bricks.
                         4.  Occasionally, I am a pet sitter.  My company is called CS Pets, because too many use the name Critter Sitter, so I shortened it to CS Pets.  I own the domain – need a website.
                         5.  When the two ends of the month do not meet, I also mystery shop.  Yep, there really are mystery shoppers, but it isn’t as profitable as you might think.  Sometimes I actually do get to get an item, but usually it is returned “as part of the evaluation.”   Once, I mystery shopped five Subways in one day.  No returns.  By number three:  “Yuck!”  The highest paying mystery shop I have done was at a hospital (I cannot say the name).  I played an ER patient to evaluate the department.  I was there eight hours — but it was worth it.
3.  Nominate 5 Websites I Love and Want to Share.
  1. Kids Read, this is written by a recent graduate and new librarian.  The reviews are sharply written and a good source for parents.
  2. Filipino Book Bloggers, a collection of book reviews by people all over the world who are Filipino.  It can be quite interesting with so many voices.
  3. Author Diane Mae Robinson, whose book titled Sir Princess Petra was recently reviewed HERE.
  4. Author Sue Glader, her ground-breaking book titled Nowhere Hair was reviewed HERE.
  5. My favorite book blogger, This Kid Reviews Books  I am continually impressed with Erik’s reviews, sense of humor, and maturity.  This kid ROCKS!
Once again, thanks for the Liebster, Erik.  I learned that liebster is a German word that means favorite.  Those blogs above are all favorites of mine and I hope everyone will check them out, leave a comment, and join if you like the site.  I hope you will.


2 thoughts on “Liebster Award from Erik at This Kid Reads Books

  1. Hi Erik,

    I’m okay, the building is okay, but the car didn’t make it. Thanks for asking. I think you’ll like the sites. I went to those you nominated and liked them all. This Liebster is a neat idea. I wonder who started it.


  2. Thank you so much Ms. Morris! It’s really nice of you 🙂 I really think your reviews are great and you pick some really great books! I hope you, your car and the building are OK!! I am going to check out the other sites you nominated 🙂


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