Today, 3/28/2012 is —

The One Year Anniversary of Kid Lit Reviews

Much has been learned since that first day.  Probably the most important is the need to schedule posts.  That first day 14 reviews were posted. 14!? Definitely  the hyperactive behavior of a first time blogger.   I had been reviewing books for quite some time, for much the same sources as now, without a site of my own.  Thinking that was sorta dumb to put my work all over the web without having my own place,  Kid Lit Reviews was born.

Originally, the name was to have been Kid Lit (taken), then Books for Kids (parked, such a waste), Children’s Book Reviews (also parked), I could buy Book Reviews 4 Kids ($3500, yeah right, like that’s gonna happen), and even tried getting This Kid Reviews Books (lost it to a kid!–just kidding Erik).   Finally, with a wordpress blog and the use of a couple of dashes, was born.  I’ve barely stopped to breath since.

I want to thank all the AuthorsIllustrators, and Publishers for making some of the best kid’s lit. and sending me copies.  In case anyone doesn’t know, all the books reviewed here, that are not ARCs or eBooks, are given to my local public library.   These books have made the children’s department a much better place.  Many are stories the library would not have had on their radar, but they do now!

So, a big, fat, sloppy double-thank you goes out to those authors and publishers who have supplied printed versions of their book.  (I wish I had the fonts to really give you that BIG, ffaatt, sl lop p y, 2X  Thank You! you deserve.)  Soon, a new badge will be on every review where the book was given to the library.

I want to thank everyone who chose to follow KLR this  year.  I can’t wait to read all your wonderful comments during year 2–starting TOMORROW! 
Sincerely, thank  you for making year one a blast.

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