#108 – Ann’s Amazing Adventure by Jeanetta Brancaccio

A to Z Challenge Day 1: A

 4.5 Stars

Ann is a doll and she lived with Nancy.  Ann was oneof the precious few toys Nancy owned, but was the little girl’s favorite.  At night, Nancy’s mom tucked them both into bed and in the morning, Nancy’s dad woke them up.  Ann loved Nancy and was sure Nancy loved her.  One day the family moved across country to a new home.  At a rest stop, as everyone was getting back into the car, Ann fell out.  No one noticed.

The car sped off leaving Ann sitting in the rest area parking lot.

Ann was sure her family would be back for her just as soon as Nancy noticed Ann was gone.  Ann waiting all night and was still waiting in the morning, sitting in the same spot.  Then, later that day, a car pulled in to the rest area. It was not Nancy.

A dog jumped out and picked up Ann.  Inside the car sat a little girl named Julia.  When Julia saw Ann she wanted to keep the doll, despite her mother’s protests that the doll was dirty.  Ann went home that day with Julia, who had lots of other toys.

Ann lived with Julia and all her other toys, safe on a shelf, cleaned everyday by a woman with a handful of feathers.  Ann lived at Julia’s a long time.  Shortly after Julia left for college, Ann and the other toys went into a box.  A truck picked them up, but no one knew where they were going.  On the side of the road, still lumped together in that box, Ann and the other toys sat waiting for someone to buy them.  They were part of a flea market.  As fate would have it, Nancy’s mom spotted Ann.

Ann’s Amazing Adventure is based on a true story. The author’s daughter, named Nancy, lost her doll.  Twenty-three years later, at an antique show, the author found the doll, now considered a collectable.  When learning to write, I was repeatedly told write what I know.  This is exactly what Ms. Brancaccio has done.  She has written a new life for her daughter’s missing doll, giving her a better life than she previously had.  At least that was what it would look like.  In reality, Ann had a better life with Nancy, because she was loved and a part of little Nancy’s life until the day they were accidentally separated.   With Julia, Ann mostly watched life from the safe shelf.  Ms. Brancaccio stated in a note that the book is about patience and thinking positively.  I think it is also about always finding your way back to family, which is what happened to Ann.

Ann is a cute doll with bug-eyed green eyes and pink button cheeks.  Just like the story, the illustrations are mostly from Ann’s perspective.  Some are whimsical, like the illustration of Ann with four pairs of feet surrounding her head.  I think this was supposed to be a sleepover in Julia’s bedroom.  I think most boys are going to want to skip this one.  Little girls, age three to eight will enjoy this story.  Little girls will also keep their own dolls much closer after reading or hearing about Ann’s Amazing Adventure.

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Ann’s Amazing Adventure

 Author: Jeanetta Brancaccio
Illustrator: Sara Petrous
Publisher: Tretina Printing
Number of Pages: 40
Ages: 3 +
Reading Level: 8 - 12

A to Z Challenge Day 1: A


2 thoughts on “#108 – Ann’s Amazing Adventure by Jeanetta Brancaccio

  1. This is one of those “are you making this up?” Nope, truth can be strange sometimes. Pretty cool to find it after twenty years, except the doll became a collector’s item by the time they found it and cost a bit more than they expected to get her back.


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