E is for Evaluations

A to Z Challenge: Day 5:  E

Evaluations is the theme for today.  I don’t have a book review for today, so I thought I would share an evaluation I found on the web.  It was truly by accident  that this was found and I was thrilled to have found it.  I also got the biggest kick out the idea of a reviewer getting reviewed.  It was not easy reading this, especially when I came to the sentence   . . . 

One must be brave to submit to . . .

“BRAVE!?  Uh, Oh!” was all I could think.  Why does an author need to be brave to send a book to me?  Defenses flew up, positions were established, I steeled myself, then read on.

“Pheew!  That could have been worse,” I thought.  But by the end of reading the review of the Kid Lit Reviewers . . . ME! . . . I was laughing, relieved, and very amused in the irony of a reviewer being reviewed.  Here is Jennifer’s review:


Today I submitted my book, The Pet Washer, for review at Kid Lit Reviews. This is the eighth website I’ve submitted to in two months. Most sites, including this one, take reviews in the order they are received. A few weeks to a few months is an expected wait time. I’m still waiting on ALL of them! [sites omitted]

Kid Lit Reviews is a site for childrens books. They also host a site for teen and tween books called just that, TWeen and TEen Books*. Middle-grade novels can be submitted to Kid Lit Review but, at the site’s discretion, they may end up featured on the Teen site.

The submission policies are simple. They have a contact form on their site. They let authors know the details they want included in their request. There is no charge for the reviews. They will consider reviewing ebook formats but they prefer paperbacks. Once the review is completed, the paperback is not returned. It is donated to their local library. This is also a common practice.

When the review is posted, the book title is linked through their Amazon Associates program. This allows the book to be purchased directly from their site. At no cost to the author, a small commission is generated by Amazon for Kid Lit Reviews to help fund the site. I believe this is a fair trade and I appreciate the site being up front about it. Again, it costs the author nothing.

Some review sites won’t post negative reviews. If they don’t like your book, they will spare you the pain of public humiliation and you won’t get a review at all. One must be brave to submit to Kid Lit Review because they post negative and positive reviews. They have a five star system with five being the best.

I read a few of the posted reviews and I was impressed. They are thorough and well-written. I read some negative reviews and was equally impressed. The reviewers backed up their decisions with details. As an author, I feel I can trust this site to produce a fair review of The Pet Washer.

As a reader, I feel I can trust this site to find new books for my own kids to read! If you have a book for children or teens, consider submitting them to Kid Lit Reviews or TWeen and TEen Books* for a comprehensive and fair review!

Jennifer Alvarez
Author of The Pet Washer
Novel for girls aged 9-12


So  what do you think?  In the first paragraph she said I was simple,  (cheap) no charge, (a hoarder)  books not returned.  That is  just paragraph one.  It is not easy getting reviewed.  Shines a new light on what I do here.

Honestly, I was thrilled to find this.  I had no idea how I was doing, being that this was my first year and it is easier to find a blogger site than a wordpress for some reason.  So, it seems I am fair and have reasons for the good and bad.  Sounds like at least Jennifer thinks I am doing it right.   I wonder what she’ll think after her book The Pet Washer is reviewed on letter P day.

What do you think?  About Jennifer’s review?  About getting your books reviewed?  Reviewers, should you beware them?

*Tween and Teen Books is currently not reviewing.  It got to be too much trying to run  two sites solo.

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A to Z Challenge: Day 5:  E

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    • When I first saw it, it a search result, I thought it was a joke. Who is going to review me? It was stressing to read and then to read the word beware, it threw me. It was an enlightening situation to be in.


  1. How interesting, I’m visiting form the A-Z challenge. I will check out the review site as I’m often looking for books for my niece and nephew and other family.


    • I think you’ll find a wide range of books for kids up to age 13 here. There are many from the traditional publishers and small publishers and then there are some from the self-publishing world that are very good.


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