#116 – I’m Not Tired Yet! by Marianne Richmond

A to Z Challenge Day 9:  I

 5 stars

I’m Not Tired Yet! has six-year-old Ralphie inventing every excuse to delay his bedtme.  His perceptive mom, however, sees his stalling as her invitation to engage Ralphie in a silly series of kisses, hugs, pinches, and pokes—all inspired by his favorite animals and each leaving the twosome in a heap of giggles.

.              “I’m not tired yet,” said Ralphie, “and, Mom, I see a bug crawling across the carpet and underneath my rug.”   

            “I don’t think so, Ralphie,” said a wary Mrs. Mix. “Could it be that you need a fishy goldfish kiss?”

           “I think I do,” said Ralphie.

Ralphie is ready to go to sleep.  Mom has read three stories, yet he is still not ready to lie down and sleep.  Excuse after excuse, Ralphie finds a way to stall his bedtime.  Mom plays along, giving Ralphie a few more needed hugs, kisses, and gentle playing.

           “ . . . and now a monster . . . there’s a problem here . . . have a glass of  . . . “

           “. . . maybe what you need . . . caterpillar tickle . . . one rock lobster pinch?”

           “I think I do,” said Ralphie.

Finally, Ralphie gets to the reason he cannot sleep.  The school principal wants Ralphie to talk to mom about his pink slip on the bus.  Maybe later, because Ralphie is now ready to say goodnight.   Mom doesn’t have a hug, kiss, tickle, or poke for this one.

I’m Not Tired Yet! is an adorable story, perfect for bedtime or an afternoon me-and-mommy (or daddy) playtime.  Mom realizes Ralphie needs a little more time that is special and plays along, right up until Ralphie confesses a problem at school.  Then a little twist occurs.  All followed by a happy ending that will send your child right to dreamland.  Add colorful illustrations that will delight both child and parent, and you have the perfect remedy for your child’s bedtime routine.

I’m Not Tired Yet! is a whimsical treat that will send your child to bed on a happy note, giving you both special time together.  I liked the pictures of Ralphie’s favorite animals, each with their own child.  They completely fill the ten-by-ten page, often flowing into the adjacent page as well.  Then, when the uh-oh moment comes, the laughter and giggling will stop, allowing everyone to shift gears for the end and a final lights out.

I like how this can bring kids and parents closer and wash away the day’s problems so everyone can start their day fresh.  When opened, the book causes joy.  You cannot open up I’m Not Tired Yet! and not smile and giggle.  This picture book is an ideal bedtime story for any age, but especially for younger kids.

original cover

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I’m Not Tired Yet!

Author/Illustrator:  Marianne Richmond         website
Publisher:  Sourcebook Jabberwocky
Release Date: March 1, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-4022-6878-6
Number of Pages: 32
Ages: 4+

A to Z Challenge Day 9: I


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