#117 – Jackson & Julie, the Twelve-Month Chefs: A Holiday Cookbook for Families and Children by Christine Perrenot

A to Z Challenge Day 10: J

 5 Stars

Kids can follow along with Jackson and Julie as they prepare holiday-themed tasty treats for their friends and family, such as Snowflake Snickerdoodles, Mother’s Day Muffins, and Back-to-School Banana Splits.  Jackson and Julie also include helpful tips on kitchen etiquette and safety.  Nothing brings a family together like whipping up sensational food made with love, so roll up your sleeves, grab a spatula, and let’s get cooking!

Jackson and Julie make one treat a month, usually based on that month’s holiday or a seasonal theme.  They begin with a list of tips that are great as “Rules for the Kitchen,” and then list and show a picture of each tool that is used throughout the book.  During each month, the kids start with a recipe that is similar in format to a regular recipe.  A list of ingredients needed, followed by directions, and a list of needed tools, along with pictures, is on the right-hand page.

A picture of Jackson and Julie preparing the recipe, doing a particular task, or showing the finished treat is on the left-hand side.  One complete month per spread, making it simple to follow instructions and see the guidance without flipping pages.  When parental supervision or help is required, this is listed in the directions, making it nearly impossible to miss.

I like this book.  It is great for the little chef in the family who wants to “do it myself.”  The recipes are not labor intensive and most do not require parental help.  It would be wonderful if all recipe books were as nicely planned as Jackson and Julie.  The book has colorful illustrations of the two kids preparing the treat or showing the treat when done.  I like the simplicity of the recipes.  A child can gain a sense of accomplishment using this book.  There are no stories, just a monthly cookbook for kids with fun things to make.

Jackson and Julie is a great book for a sleepover activity, getting kids involved in holiday preparations, or once-a-month mother-daughter, father-son special activity that allows the child to take control.  This cookbook requires getting away from the television, video games and computers, to do an activity that will teach measurement, timing, following instructions and patience as the kids wait for their treat to bake. The kid’s mugs were made professionally by Clayton Alexander.

I wish I had this cookbook when my nephew was younger.  He wanted to be a chef and Jackson and Julie would have made a fine first cookbook.  This is the author’s first book.

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Jackson & Julie, The Twelve-Month Chefs: A Holiday Cookbook for Families and Children

Author: Christine Perrenot  website
Illustrator: Ralph Voltz
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group
Release Date: October 18, 2011
I.S.B.N.:  978-1-61254-028-3
Number of Pages: 32
Ages: 8 to 12

A to Z Challenge Day 10: J



7 thoughts on “#117 – Jackson & Julie, the Twelve-Month Chefs: A Holiday Cookbook for Families and Children by Christine Perrenot

  1. Found your blog from the A to Z. New follower – waving from my position in the high 600’s on the list. I’m a teacher who is always looking for new books. Your blog will be a great resource.


    • Hi neighbor! I am just a few floors below you in the 500’s. Air gets pretty thin up here, but I am glad you found me. I will return the favor. I love having teachers here at KLR. Thanks for adding me to your list of sites to visit.


    • Thanks Ruby! As a reviewer those words are not seen much, until this A to Z Challenge. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I hope this doesn’t end on May first and some of the people who gave this a look-see will be back.


  2. Wow, wouldn’t have found the comment link if you hadn’t pointed it out.

    Looks like a cute cook book. I might need it for myself since I’m actually pretty lousy in the kitchen.

    My niece has a birthday next week. I’m almost thinking it would be really cute to send her a cooking book with an apron as a small gift..


    • Sorry about the comment link being at the top instead of a box at the end of the review. I did not know this was happening. I usually open a review by its name, not the home page, so I thought it was at the bottom. Thankfully, someone from the challenge told me.

      The inside of the book is nice. I would use it if it wasn’t going to the library. Only problem with the book for adult use is, who is going to supervise us? 🙂


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