Kongratulations to Easter Contest Winner

Kongratulations to the winner of the Easter Contest.  This was a random drawing from all comments left here from March 1, 2012 to April 8, 2012.  

There were a total of 52 comments which really surprised me for a first contest and no advertising.  Much of the success is due to the A to Z Challenge.      Today’s letter is K, hence the horrible misspelling of congratulations.  If my time allows, a review for the letter K will be up at noon.

Will the winner please send me their information so the prize can be sent.  Address, phone, and email.  Please use the contact form.   Here is a proper . . .


Also–Today is National D.E.A.R. Day, April 12th of each year.  

When is National D.E.A.R. Day? 

The birthday of beloved author Beverly Cleary is the official event date, April 12th. Ramona Quimby, the program’s official spokesperson, is responsible for spreading the word and the love of reading.

Why is National D.E.A.R. Day celebrated on Beverly Cleary’s birthday? 
Beverly Cleary receives thousands of letters a year from young readers, many who have participated in D.E.A.R. at school. Their interest in and enthusiasm for this special reading activity inspired Mrs. Cleary to give the same experience to Ramona Quimby, who gets to enjoy D.E.A.R. time with the rest of her class in Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

How can I participate? 
Schools, libraries, bookstores and other organizations are being asked to host Drop Everything and Read events on April 12th. You can attend an event in your community or participate right in your own home by reading for 30 minutes!

4 thoughts on “Kongratulations to Easter Contest Winner

  1. Such an important topic. Glad you chose it.

    If you’ve the time, take a peek at my blog. I’m the award winner author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi, Nancy..
      I love meeting new people here, especially children’s writers. I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks for inviting me..


  2. YAAAAYYY!! OH THANK YOU!! The video was cool 😉
    I send my address after school today.
    I’ve read about D.E.A.R. in the Ramona books, but I didn’t know it was a real thing! Cool! I’m going to read a Ramona book today 😉


    • Congratulations Erik!

      You earned it, considering the number of comments you posted. Nice thing is, those comments are normal for you. I greatly appreciate your sincerity. I thought it was so cool when your name popped out of the hat. You have been my number one supporter and fan, so I am happy you won my first contest.

      I only heard about the D.E.A.R. Day yesterday and thought it was cool. I had no idea it was real either. The Ramona story with the D.E.A.R.story line, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, was written because of the enthusiasm of all the participants, so the book was written because of D.E.A.R., not the other way around.

      Did you also know that this is a national day and it is always on April 12th, Beverly Cleary’s birthday. Go read your book, and email me your info.

      D.E.A.R. site: http://dropeverythingandread.com/index.html


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