#118 – I Love You More . . . Than Chocolate by Melanie Milburn

A to Z Challenge Day 11: K

 4 Stars

Love.  Every night around the world, parents, and guardians put their children saying, I love you.  How much do they loved?  In Melanie Milburn’s book, I Love You More . . . Than Chocolate, Mama is putting her little girl to sleep.  As she tucks her daughter into bed the little girl says, Good night Mama!  I love you.  Mama replies, I love you, Little One.  I love you more. Little Girl asks Mama, more than what?

The answer to that simple question is the sum of this adorable bedtime book that will make bedtime a special time.  Each spread (2 pages), is a new answer.

I love you more than the color blue.
I love you more than a day at the zoo.
I love you more … no matter what you do.
I love you more than chocolate!

Each verse rhymes and then ends with than chocolate.  I have heard this before.  I cannot remember where.  It might have been a T-shirt, on a website, or maybe on an advertisement for chocolate.  Chocolate is the universal gift of love, along with flowers and cards.  Most everyone loves chocolate.  So, what could be better than hearing you are loved more than chocolate?

The book uses the generic Little Girl for the daughter.  I think this is a lovely way to let any female child become the little girl in bed, listening to her mother tell her how much she is loved.  I suppose you could do the same with a little boy, but it would be better if Ms. Milburn wrote a second edition for little boys, maybe with the father since they are not often in children’s books.

The illustrations accurately depict each item Mama loves her Little Girl more than.  The colorful pics make the book even more endearing.  Each sentence covers a spread of illustrations.

The author said the book was originally a song and includes a CD of her singing I Love You More Than Chocolate.  Being a chocoholic, she could think of nothing she loves more, except her children.

From the moment it arrived this book touched me.  I think you will also love this book, maybe even . . . more than chocolate.

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I Love You More… Than Chocolate

Author: Melanie Milburn  website
Illustrator: Cindy Coleman
Publisher: Instant Publisher
Released:  2010
ISBN:  978-1-60458- 720-3
Number of Pages: 32
Ages:  All


A to Z Challenge Day 11: K


4 thoughts on “#118 – I Love You More . . . Than Chocolate by Melanie Milburn

        • I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude by not knowing this. The a to z challenge is keeping me busy. I’m sure I’ll do it again next year. It is a ball of fun and I am seeing some great blog sites. Hats off to you for thinking of this challenge.


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