#122 – A Leaf Can Be . . . by Laura Purdie Salas & Violeta Dabija

 5 Stars

Rhyming text and illustrations explore some of the many things a leaf can be, from tree topper to rain stopper.  Includes facts about leafs and a glossary.

A leaf is a leaf—

A bit of a tree.

But just try to guess

What else it can be!

This book, A Leaf Can Be . . . is a feast for your eyes.  Astonishingly beautiful seen on a computer, I can only imagine what this book looks like in print.  Told in rhyming text and illustrations, that need each other to work as wonderfully as they do in A Leaf Can Be . . .  The author and illustrator explore the role of leaves from the viewpoint of all four seasons.

From spring and summer, when the days are warm and long A Leaf Can Be . . . an air cleaner, Earth greener. This is my favorite couplet.  The illustrations should be on every Earth Day poster.   From autumn to winter and cold, short days, A Leaf Can Be . . . a wind rider, lake glider.

One interesting thing I noticed about A Leaf Can Be . . . is  how small the world is and how connected the world has become.  The author, Laura Purdie Salas, makes her home in Minnesota.  The illustrator, Violeta Dabija, has her home in Moldova.  That’s approximately 5,180 miles apart and they made a great collaboration.

From biology to zoology, teachers can find many lesson subjects.  The leaf is a great lesson, as the author and illustrator have shown in their book.  A section called More about Leaves explains every job a  leaf performs in this book, such as the water ladle and the moth matcher.  There is also a glossary and a list of references.   The number of discussions this book could trigger is endless.  Whether home schooled or brick-and-mortar, this 32-page book can enhance any student at any level to think way beyond what A Leaf Can Be . . .

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A Leaf Can Be . . .

Author:  Laura Purdie Salas   website
Illustrator: Violeta Dabija   website
Publisher: Millbrook Press (Lerner Pub. Grp.)   website
Release Date: March 1, 2012
ISBN:  978-0-7613-6203-6
Number of Pages:  32
Ages: 5 to 8


5 thoughts on “#122 – A Leaf Can Be . . . by Laura Purdie Salas & Violeta Dabija

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    • Those do not show the marvelous colors or details. If you think those are great, Erik you will be blown AWAY in Adobe eReader or in print (which I haven’t been able to see.)


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