A to Z Challenge Day 14: N

Netgalley is a blogger’s dream.  Whether you are beginning, or just cannot get the books you need to review, NetGalley is the best place to join.  Anyone who runs a book review site, any genre or age group, will find the books they need.

Netgalley and Lerner Publishing Group, one of many publishers that list at NetGalley,  is the N for today.    Lerner Publishing Group has several imprints in addition to their own.   Today, Kid Lit Reviews will review two titles from Millbrook Press. More Lerner Publishing Group titles will be added in the coming days. Please  check back soon.

Millbrook Press

4 Stars 

Dotty, stripy, straight, and swirly—patterns are all around us.  How many different patterns can you find pictured in this book?

Wow!  For younger children this is . . .  to read–>

5 Stars

Rhyming text and illustrations explore some of the many things a leaf can be, from tree topper to rain stopper.  Includes facts about leafs and a glossary.

A leaf is a leaf—

A bit of a tree.

But just try to guess 

to read–>

Soon to be reviewed from Lerner Publishing Group

Beep and Bah….by James Burks

Freedom!….by Frank LeGall  &  Flore Balthazar (illustrator)



A to Z Challenge Day 14: N


3 thoughts on “NetGalley

    • I agree with you. I have the same problem. My list is much to long. Now, most publishers are archiving their books either the day it is released or the month before. At least that is how it is with children’s publishers. I even got turned down by a kid’s publisher – after over 50 children’s book reviews for netgalley–they are getting tougher. I cannot go near an adult book.


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