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The A to Z Challenge is  finally done, which means this is now the month of May.  Lots of flowers will be blooming, thanks to April showers.  I took a short rest from 30 days of continuous reviewing here at KLR.  Sounds like a radio broadcast.  That would have been less tiring.

The reviews will  go back to first-received, first-reviewed.  For now, my hands need a rest.  My little finger actually went numb from all the typing.  Then the next finger went numb.  Thankfully, we ended before the entire hand became troublesome and unwilling to work.  The little finger is still numb.  I wonder if they carried any insurance for this challenge?

The A to Z was an effort to bring in more readers and followers.  The visits should continue through at least the next month.  There were over 2000 bloggers, mostly writers, in the challenge.  It was hard to compete with the content of an author, especially some of these people.  One fantastic poet also had the most magnificent illustrations of the animal she wrote about.

The goal was to get each participant 100 new followers.  I received 11  from the challenge.  Only 11.  Next year, I need to find something that will draw everyone in.

Maybe I could review in verse.

Make a puzzle whose answer is the review.

Draw a path from the top of the screen to the bottom and write only along the path.

Would writing the review in code be fun?

Holding a raffle and the name that pops out of the hat gets a link to the review.

Those pads kids love where they fill in the words and at the end it is funny.  That might work.

I wonder if a scratch off is possible?

Well, I need to find a way to bring more eyes to the site next year.  So, if you have a creative way for me to spice up the reviews, please let me know.  I have only eleven months to figure this out.

Next time . . . a review.

4 thoughts on “Back to Normal

    • Dog?! Huh? Oh, you mean the little guy in my reply to you?

      It started out as a cat, then an owl on a tree limb, then a cat skiing, and then I just hit submit, not really sure what it was. A dog.

      The more I look at it the more it looks like a snowman with its head sliding off its shoulders(if there are any).


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