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Welcome Back to Kid Lit Reviews

After last thirty days of wildly romping through April from A to Z, I needed to take a little rest.  No kidding, my pinky finger on my writing hand went numb.  The finger was totally and completely numb from the tip to the edge of the hand.  Now that is some blogging challenge.

I got a couple of reviews written, but it was exhausting, or rather I was exhausted.  So I am taking a couple days off to get back together.  When I return the following books are on the agenda, but in no particular order here.  Just because I may list it first, it may not be reviewed first, and if it is reviewed first, the second may not necessarily be reviewed third, or second.

OH, there are also a few author interviews coming soon……………..

Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms – Lissa Evans

I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies – Donna Helsley


Oli’s Uncommon Cent – Deborah Allen  *plus an interview


Hear My Roar: A Story of Family Violence – Gillian WattsBirthday Suit – Olive Senior


Slither Slide, What’s Outside – Nora Hilb, Simon & Sheryl Shapiro

Night Buddies and the Pineapple Scare – Sands Hetherington   *plus author interview

………………….. The Clever Hen – Saragine Francois


Knees – Vanita Oelschlager

and more, in no particular order


So, please return.  I promise those reviews will be at least every two days, but the goal is a new review every day, with a day or two off sprinkled lightly on top.  If you didn’t see your book, please do not panic, the books are just a random sample of what is due for review.

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