#141-143 – Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides by kyle & groot

 5 Stars All

ALASKA: Cooper visits Alaska with the help of his new friend and guide, Kodi the Moose. Follow the two on their Ultimate Alaska Adventure as they explore Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan. From the Mount Roberts Tramway and the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, to Skagway’s White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, and finally Ketchikan’s Creek Street and Misty Fjords, Cooper learns that Alaska is an amazing place to see and experience. (from Cooper’s website)



SEATTLE: Join Cooper and his friend Elliott the Otter as they explore Seattle’s beloved attractions including the waterfront, Pike Place Market, EMP, SAM, Ride the Ducks, and Seattle Center. Finally, the friends end up at the Seattle Space Needle where Cooper is in for a special surprise! The Cooper’s Pack children’s travel guide series follows the journey of the main character Cooper, an adventurous dog, through the city with a local friend, a member of his “pack”. (from Cooper’s website)



NEW YORK CITY:  Cooper lands in the Big Apple to see his old friend, Phinney the Bear. Phinney takes Cooper throughout NYC to see the sights and learns why New York City is the greatest city in America. Their travels include Times Square, Central Park, Top of the Rock, a River Cruise, the American Museum of Natural History, Grand Central Terminal and several famous landmarks in between.

This 2nd Edition update to the Cooper’s Pack New York City title includes over 500 images and graphics, along with new reference maps and fun facts. The storyline has been updated to reflect a tourist’s point of view when visiting NYC for the first time.  In addition, there are over 150 “Buried Bones” hidden throughout the book featuring travel tips, Cooper’s friends, silliness, and fun.  Perfect for kids ages 5-12 and adults who like to encourage and teach travel awareness and exploration. (from Cooper’s website)


Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides are not the usual books featured here at Kid Lit Reviews, but summer is very near and the colorful, picture-packed guides are for kids.  These colorful guides show you the highlights of each city.  Each book does have a beginning, middle, and ending, but are a bit light on plot and conflicts.   Cooper, a friendly, well-traveled dog, is similar to Snoopy, only Cooper flies in better, safer planes.  From take off to landing in each city, Cooper is ready to go.  He meets up with a friend who lives in the city, and together they explore.  There are tips, special things to look out for, and places only the locals know about.  Filled with pictures, each containing Cooper, his friend, or both, giving you great ideas and places you can look forward to on your trip.

In each city Cooper joins up with a local friend who acts has the tour guide.

In Alaska, Kodi showed cooper the entire state.  Well, the three largest cities in Alaska: Juneau, Skagway, ans Ketchikan.  Kodi is a moose.  He likes calculus and cartography.  Kodi’s favorite book is Animal Farm.

Elliott took Cooper all over the city of Seattle.  From the home of coffee in a take-a-way cup to the marina, they had a great time.  Elliott is an otter.  He likes social studies and swimming.  Elliott’s favorite book is Call of the Wild.

New York City is home to Phinney.  He took Cooper through Central Park and walked through a wall of water without getting wet.  Phinney is a bear.  He likes sculpture class.  Phinney’s favorite book is Everything There is to Know About Anything *Almost.

 Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides are great guides for kids.  Children like to have some autonomy and these guides will make their vacation theirs to remember.  After the trip, if Cooper or one of his friends went with you, upload pictures to the cooper website.

With space in the back for notes and photos, kids will be all set for the dreaded What I Did Over Summer Vacation” assignment when school starts up again next fall.   There are additional things to occupy kids during travel at the online website of Cooper and his friends.

If you are planning a trip to any of these cities, these are the guides to take with you.  Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides are better than usual fare, so be prepared to fight with your child for the guide.  Have a safe and happy trip.

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Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides

Authors:  kyle & groot   website
Publisher: Cooper’s Pack Publishing  website
Release Dates: 2010 – 2012
ISBN:  Alaska -  978-0-9794882-3-8
Seattle -  978-0-9794882-2-1
New York -  978-0-9794882-5-2
Ages: 5 +
LondonParis Amsterdam







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