KLR Taking a Short Break

As of yesterday, I need to take a short break away from reviewing.  I sincerely apologize to those writer’s waiting for a review of their book.  I do understand the frustration.

My fourth toe on my right foot has become infected and cannot heal due to the bacteria’s  intensity and the fact that lupus slows down the healing process.  Too make matters worse, and the reason I need to take time away, is due to the pre-operation antibiotics, which are two strong medicines that we are hoping will not mess up my newly functioning over 75% kidneys.

In the meantime, the medicine is making me ill, feverish, and weak (though the infection does not help either).  Now I have a rash and burns caused by one of the antibiotics, so hopefully it can be changed. Treating the infections right away will limit the ability of bacteria to multiply. If you need medication for your bacterial infection, visit https://www.ukmeds.co.uk/treatments/acne/oxytetracycline/ to have Oxytetracycline.

The good news is I have learned what popped out of the tip of the toe–bone so deteriorated it looked like coral.  X-rays have shown the entire bone is bad, and the antibiotics should keep the bacteria from spreading into my foot and upwards.

Sometime in the next two weeks, surgery will be scheduled to remove the infected toe.  I do not yet have an exact date.  It will be outpatient surgery, as it seems most are today, (the last four surgeries on my kidneys was all outpatient), and I will be home by early evening, if nothing goes wrong.

This will depend on the anesthetic given.  It is to be general, which I will be doing my best to refuse and replace with an epidural.  On the last two times I had general, I woke up on ventilators.  Not fun.  Plus, it is interesting to  watch the surgeries, though a bit surreal.



C.J. (17)  & Buddy (15)………..Theo (3)…………………..Baby Girl (1)

The cats begin to wonder if I am coming home, but never again like the four months my last two beloved kitties spent in my home, with a friend checking in once a day.   At one point they got caught in my bedroom when the wind slammed the door shut.  From the pee on my mattress, they were not pleased.  Once a day for cats to have a pet sitter or friend/family come in is not enough.


If I get a break from the antibiotics long enough to get it together, you will see at least one new post, and hopefully several done and scheduled.  I really had no notice, and I am truly sorry and upset.  This review site is just as much my baby as your books you have so kindly entrusted to me to review.



Guest Post

If anyone would like to do a  guest post, be it a review, a set of writing tips, a short story, or your introduction to writing and getting published, you are most welcome and appreciated.  Actually, most anything appropriate for kids ages 5 to 12 and their parents, who are looking for a G-rated site, PG on that rare occasion.  I will try to keep up with emails, but if I do not reply in the usual 24 hours, please do not worry I will get to yours.


Thank You

Thank you  all for following this site, commenting, and generally giving me a reason to keep it alive and well (and myself as well).  I will be back as soon as I possibly can, trying to catch up as fast as I can.






If you have never commented, your comment will be moderated due to the large amount of spam from unethical marketers, who try to trick the system into letting them spew their nonsensical comments, usually on past reviews trying to sneak in a backlink.

If you have an approved comment , any new comments are immediately seen.  Again, I normally get comments approved no later than the next day, but may need two days until I can return.  Your comment, if any, will be seen, read, and responded to.

9 thoughts on “KLR Taking a Short Break

  1. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. I appreciate each one. Surgery is scheduled for Friday morning and then this ordeal should be over. It always amazes me how much more difficult lupus makes even the simplest problem. Thank you for all your care.


  2. Sue, what a terrible chain of events!!! Please know my thoughts and prayers will be with you. I hope you have a speedy recovery from your toe surgery and that you take the time to rest and get back on your feet, (no pun intended). Take care, I’ll miss your posts but am glad you’re taking time off to get better.


  3. Sue! I wish you fast healing and lots of love sent your way! Wish I lived close enough to swing by and help, even though we only know each other “virtually”, I really wish i could do more. I will send you posts of books I’ve been reading to help keep your wonderful efforts going until you return. Take care! We love you!


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