#149 – Uncle John’s Kid-Topia: Bathroom Reader for Kids Only by Bathroom Reader’s Institute

  5 Stars

Psst! If you are a kid, come closer.  If you’re not a kid, stop reading! Right now. We’re not kidding.  This book is FOR KIDS ONLY.  Okay, now here’s what’s inside:  Open to any page and find fascinating facts and brain-building activities guaranteed to make you smarter, funnier, more interesting, and better looking than your friends! (Well, maybe not the last part.) Warning!  Kid-topia is too much fun for adults.

Uncle John’s Kid-Topia is a bathroom reader for kids.  It has much interesting, useful (some not), fun facts, recipes, activities, and games to keep any kid busy every weekend of the year plus summer vacation.  Whatever interest you may have, this book is sure to have something new on the subject.

Do you like dinosaurs?  Did you know that the T-Rex had a four-foot long jaw with banana size teeth?  Scientists have found other dinosaur bones with T-Rex teeth stuck in the bone.  If that makes you hungry, Uncle John’s Kid-Topia contains many tricked-out recipes.  Ice-Cream Fastball, Banana Slug, Bird-Poop Pancakes, and Maggoty No-Bake Brownies to name just  a few of the delicious recipes written with kid cooks in mind.

There are many games inside Uncle John’s Kid-Topia.  Included are puzzles (Bug Sudoku), Mazes (Ogre Drool), wordplay (Toad Tongue Tanglers), brain games (Shape Shifting), and others that do not fit easily into a category (Dragon Dice, Sea Horse Seekers, Victory Dunces).

Uncle John’s Kid-Topia even has good-old-fashioned articles to read.  Read (and learn), about weird creatures in The Hunting of the Snark, The Microbe, and The Drawer Goblins.  If science is your thing, there is a section of Mad Science.  Here you can learn how to make pepper float and raisins dance, or take a stinky-pee test.

There is much more to Uncle John’s Kid-Topia that one review could mention.  It contains more fun than any kid should be allowed to enjoy.  Even adults will get a kick out of this treasure trove of kid fascination, BUT, as the back cover warns, this book is FOR KIDS ONLY.  If you are a kid at heart, this book is also for you.  Both boys and girls will find lots of interesting things to keep them busy on and off the toilet.

Uncle John’s Kid-Topia Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

Author: Bathroom Reader’s Institute
Illustrator, Puzzles, Design:  Patrick Merrell
Publisher: Portable Press / Baker & Taylor Publishing
Release Date:  June 1, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-59223-827-9
Number of Pages:  288
Ages:  7+

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