#159 – All Mixed Up – A Motley Horde Of Funny Poems by Shane D. Williams


All Mixed Up! A Motley Horde of Funny Poems

by Shane D. Williams

Brio Bound Books      4/20/2012


Age 7 and up 64 pages
I was walking down the street /When trouble started forming. / It frankly caught me off my guard, / It happened without warning. / Somebody’s dog came up to me, / He didn’t sit or beg, / Just sniffed at me a little bit / Then lifted up his leg. / I guess it was a bad idea / (If you know what I mean) / To be a fire hydrant / This year for Halloween. .

All Mixed Up by Shane D. Williams is a book of poetry for kids. Most are silly, some are absurd; all are funny and will have kids busting a gut.

I thought most were funny, but the adult in me wanted something with more substance. If I were a 10-year-old, I would LOVE every poem and probably recite some of them at school. Teachers will be looking more closely at All Mixed Up and the many ways they can incorporate this clever book into the classroom.

My horse’s name

Is Nocturnal Ned,

So I ride him at night

When I should be in bed. 

If read closely, and with a little imagination, parents will find a lesson between the lines.

I’d rather be sleeping,

And Ned feels the same.

Perhaps I should think

About changing his name! 

There is a poem about the quirkiness of nature. Another exploring the desire to be something you are not. And a third poem plays on one subject that preoccupies most tween and teen boys more than any others.

All Mixed Up is the first book of poems for middle grade kids and younger that has landed on my desk. The poems are enjoyable and the cleverness will tickle young funny bones. The author knows what makes kids laugh.Kids will read All Mixed Up many times, mostly by boys. If they turn the pages so often that they become fragments of dust, Shane has a website filled with even more of his childproof poems.

Our hen is crazy as can be,

She built her nest up in a tree. 

I know it seems a bit absurd

(She wants to be a normal bird). 

She lays her eggs and takes great care,

And then her chicks are born up there.

And when they try to walk around,

Of course they fall and smack the ground. 

It’s fun to watch, we get our kicks,

Come over, we’ll go pick up chicks. 

All Mixed Up is a delightful little book of poems written for kids and is a great introduction to a different way of expressing one’s self. Teachers, will find All Mixed Up to be a wonderful way to start a classroom discussion about poetry, and writing in general, with their students. Kids will have a blast reading, or listening to, these poems.

Reading the unique and zany poetry in All Mixed Up may inspire your child. With 50 sidesplitting poems, it will most definitely entertain them. I think even reluctant readers will be tempted to read All Mixed UP! [originally reviewed at Kid Lit Reviews]

For a kid’s perspective on All Mixed Up, go HERE and read Erik’s review.


Buy All Mixed Up!A Motley Horde of Funny Poems at Amazon–B&N–your local bookstore.


Meet poet, Shane D. Williams at his website:



all mixed up

8 thoughts on “#159 – All Mixed Up – A Motley Horde Of Funny Poems by Shane D. Williams

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  4. Hi KLR. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to meet you. Also great to find another WordPress kidlit site. Your blog is nicely done. If you know Erik, I’m not sure how I missed you before this.


  5. These poems are cute and funny, yet are written in an appealing and simplistic way, a surefire style to get the attention of kids at various ages. Kudos to Shane who surely has a blast writing them. As a children’s book author, I appreciate the lilt and whimsy in his work and this is a surefiire way to keep kids wanting more.


    • I totally agree with you, Linnie. There are lots more on Shane’s website along with a his first book, The Endless Achoo!

      Shane is truly gifted and knows what kids like in humor. He will do well. Today, Shane told me a third book will be out soon.


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