#163 – My Pop-Up Bible Stories by Juliet David

4 Stars

Five of the best-loved Bible stories spring to life with bright vibrant pop-up scenes.

That is the perfect description of My Pop-Up Bible Stories.  Each page is beautifully illustrated and made of sturdy cardboard.  Kids will enjoy turning these pages and watching the scenes come alive before their eyes.  Plus, at least one piece appears to move on its own for an added dimension of awe.  There are five Bible stories in this edition.

Moses becoming the Prince of Egypt is the first story to pop-up.  He is the baby in the basket floating down the stream, rocking in the slight waves.

Another is Daniel’s rescue from the lion pit.  The King was astonished to find Daniel safe.  Children will love the cubs, playing while the lions watch, looking quite tame and happy.

Jesus bringing an ill girl back to life is story number three.  When you first turn to this story, the young girl is lying in bed.  Fully open the pages and she pops-up in bed and reaches for her father’s hand.  The blue sky outside helps shed light on this glorious scene.

The shepherd has 100 sheep, but one has wanderedoff.  The shepherd looked everywhere.  He might have taken a gander in the meadow above him.  There eight sheep sleep silently, but then, those sheep are not lost.  The missing sheep sheepishly returns to the shepherd when  your child slightly nudges the page left and right.

The final Bible story is about the day Jesus stopped a storm.  Rain pounds the water and the boat.  Waves grow taller.  Flattening the page will cause a rainbow appears in the sky, the sun shines brightly through a cloud, and a dove appears to guide the passengers to the other side of the lake.  As a pop-up, this story is not as effective as the others are.

I love pop-up books.  I still have the first one I ever received, all marked up with my name in crayon to ensure no one else walked off with the magical book.  No one did.  Young children will love My Pop-Up Bible Stories.  The book is small and sturdy for little hands that might tug on the pop-up illustrations to find out how they work. 

This is a book children will want read to them numerous times.  Parents have no fear; the book is fun for adults too.  Well, maybe not the book, but you’ll enjoy the wonder in your child’s eyes when the book pops-up.  Reading My Pop-Up Bible Stories is a great way to end the day—with joy, laughter, smiles, and the beginnings of your child understanding the Bible.

 Today’s Question:  Do you think this book, with its pop-ups, can get children interested in the Bible?

 My Pop Up Bible Stories

Author: Juliet David
Illustrator: Daniel Howorth
Pop-Ups: Linda Birkinshaw
Publisher:  Candle Books    
Release Date: March 23, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-85985-237-8
Number of ages: 12
Ages: 3 to 6


2 thoughts on “#163 – My Pop-Up Bible Stories by Juliet David

    • Me, too. I have never seen a pop-up book that also had moving parts in the pop-up. Like the the girl that sits up in bed, or the tails wagging. That makes this book really cool as a pop-up. Plus, it was made of sturdy cardboard, so I didn’t tear anything.


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