#165 – Monkey of the Month by Adam Kramer

4 Stars 
Monkey of the Month
by Adam Kramer / David Kramer
Schiffer Publishing
No. of Pages: 40    Ages: 2 to 7
Inside Jacket:  Bored with mundane birthday gifts, a young boy unexpectedly receives a most peculiar gift on his birthday one year—membership to the "Monkey of the Month Club."  Though pleased it isn't just a pair of socks, he is very confused by this odd gift, until, month-by-month monkeys and their primate cousins start appearing at his door.

Monkey of the Month is adorable. If you have ever received a gift-of-the-month club membership, whether it be fruit, candy, flowers, or monkeys, you will enjoy this cute book.  I liked the colorful illustrations of each different monkey and their contribution to the boy’s household, not always to his mother’s delight.

You will not find a “message” in Monkey of the Month, but you will find loads of laughs,  plenty of giggles, and a few guffaws. Parents will not be bored reading this night after night. Told in rhyming verse, the monkeys arrive one-by-one each month and stay on to do whatever they arrived to do.  One cleans, another decorates, a third simply sits on his bu–chair watching television all day, eating, drinking and making a mess.

I think kids will adore the different monkeys and the effect they each have on the boy’s mother, who eventually has had enough.  But true to fashion, the story does not end with the last   monkey. No, there seems to be a series developing as the last creature rings the boy’s doorbell.

 …………………Monkey of the Month is a fun picture book that will become a favorite read-to-me book of the 2 to 8 year-old crowd.  Anyone who enjoys a picture book, whose only purpose is to entertain, will enjoy Monkey of the Month for its bright and humorous illustrations, exaggerated expressions, and quirky story of the imaginative birthday gift that is far from mundane.


Monkey of the Month

Author: Adam Kramer   facebook
Illustrator: David Kramer    facebook
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing   website
Releaase Date: July 28, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4156-4
Number of Pages: 40
Grades: Pre-K to 3rd

6 thoughts on “#165 – Monkey of the Month by Adam Kramer

  1. Hello! I am the author of Monkey of the Month and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to review my book! This is my first children’s book so of course I was very excited to see that someone I don’t know found it and enjoyed it! I am sharing this link on Facebook!


    • Thank you, Adam for writing such a fun and silly book for kids (and me). Books with a message are good and needed, but it is nice to find one that simply wants to entertain.

      Congratulations on your first children’s book. I hope the publisher, Schiffer Books, will send me your next ten as well.


    • Eric, your sense of humor is perfect for Monkey of the Month. It would surely give your sister ideas for her painting, and make her laugh silly. (I sent you an email, fellow reviewer.)


    • Um, what do I say to this? I can only imagine what you would do with a new monkey each and every month. The monkeys in this book are hilarious and that is the entire purpose–to laugh. Great, huh?


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