#167-168 – Shadows On My Wall & They’re Coming! by Timothy Young

4 Stars
Shadows On My Wall
Timothy Young
Schiffer Publishing
No. Pages: 32  Ages: 4 to 7

The streetlight makes shadows on Kevin’s wall! In those shadows, he sees monsters, dragons, and all sorts of frightening creatures. Does he let them scare him or does he find imaginative ways of dealing with these creepy shadows?  Kevin’s room and his imagination come to life in Shadows On My Wall.

Each night, the window in Kevin’s room throws shadows upon his wall.  He sees all sorts of creatures, some scary, some funny, some simply odd.  Like the pirates who appear and then look like they are arguing or the dragon that Kevin scares away with another dragon, he makes using the shadows from his hands.

Anyone who has ever seen a shadow that made them jump will appreciate this cute picture book.  Kevin’s visitors upon his wall include Santa on Christmas, a giant robot, and strange wiggly aliens.  At first, Kevin is afraid of these shadows. As time goes on, Kevin stands up to the shadows, often scaring them away.

I liked the way Kevin decides not to give in to these shadows and finds a way to turn things around.  He takes the power back from these creatures that appear at night.  He even turns the table on a few.   Any kid who was ever afraid of the dark, or a monster under the bed, will like Shadows On My Wall.  The author also gives a short lesson in shadow puppets at the end of the book.

This is the first of two picture books by Mr. Young.  The second is titled They’re Coming!


4 Stars
They're Coming!
Timothy Young
Schiffer Publishing
No. Pages; 32   Ages:  4 to 7

They’re Coming! From dark, dusty tombs to deep, forgotten forests, strange creatures, spooky creeps, and frightful fiends that haunt your nightmares are coming! But why? Tension builds and builds . . . mounting horribly . . . Isn’t it time you found out why They’re Coming?

This picture book will make you wonder and worry.  Who are these creepy fiends, slimy things, evil creatures and magical beings that are coming?  Why are they coming tonight?  Throughout the book, you will read about these ghoulish creatures, all coming together on a dark, mysterious night.

As these beasts of the night get closer and closer, where are they going?  Well, you must endure the mounting tension of each page if you want to know the answer.  Not until the very end will you know and I cannot tell you.  I was much too scared to finish this picture book, written for grades pre-K to 4.

I know, as a reviewer it is my duty to read every word, but the weirdness of the night, the eeriness of the creatures, the gloominess of the pages, were too scary for me and I had to tightly shut the cover.  Where do you think these devilish looking creatures are going on the scariest night of the year?

They’re Coming may not be the best bedtime story, but it is a wonderful story hour tale for the Halloween season.  Reading this to a group sitting around a campfire would be even better.  If you like scary stuff, then They’re Coming is the perfect book for you.

Parents: nothing in the pages of They’re Coming will cause nightmares—if you are under the age of twenty-five. That is why I could not finish, yet I am told this has a delightful ending that will make you laugh or groan.  Maybe even cause a groaning-laugh.

Both They’re Coming and Shadows On My Wall, written and illustrated by Timothy Young, are great selections for the Halloween season.  Perhaps, if read together, They’re Coming to be Shadows On My Wall, could be the highlight of a Halloween party.  Oh, my.  That is scary.  If you love Halloween, you will love these two books, which are perfect for younger kids.


Shadows on My Wall
They’re Coming!

Author and Illustrator: Timothy Young   website
Publisher: Schiffer Books   website
Release Date:  2012
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4224-0                 
Number of Pages: 32
Ages: 4 to 8      Grades: Pre-K to 4

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