Summer Send-Off Contest

This being the end of summer, Susanna Leonard Hill came  up with the perfect contest.  The Summer Send-Off Contest.  Here is my entry.  I hope you enjoy it.

illustration copyright Heather Newman 2012, used by permission

The Outcast

“Hi, Paul!” said Patsy. cheerfully waving to her brother.

“What are you doing?” Paul yelled. “You need to come home right now.”

The dragon rose up at Paul’s words and fire came from within, landing inches from Butternut, Paul’s horse. She rose up, nearly dumping Paul on his rump. Beneath him, Paul watched the Earth split into a fiery dividing line.

“Sh, it’s okay,” said Patsy to the dragon. Trying to calm the giant creature, she patted its head.

“Did you see that?!  Don’t do this Patsy,” said Paul. “Mother and Father are frantic. You’ll be an outcast.”

“Come look at what we have accomplished.” Patsy waved her hand in a sweeping motion from over the dragon to the tiny castle behind her. Paul was still holding onto his horse, frantically trying to stay on her back. Desperately, he grabbed Butternut’s forehead, yanking back her head.

“Paul, what are you doing? You are part of the problem, did you know that?” Paul did not hear anything but his own wildly beating heart. “Paul, you’re hurting Butternut!”

“He’s my horse,” Paul yelled with such fury the horse, having had enough, tossed Paul onto the ground. “Fine, you go ahead with this PT thing. I’m going home.”

It’s PETD.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Dragons,” Patsy corrected her brother.

“Yeah, whatever, I’m outta here,” Paul muttered as he walked away. His sword was with his horse. His horse was now with Patsy. “Some knight I am.”

(245 words)

The 250 word children story contest, created by Susanna Leonard Hill.
Contest Rules:

The contest is for a children’s story of 250 words or less based on the picture above and in which somebody somewhere in your story says, in dialogue, “Did/do you see that?” (you may substitute any of the other senses – “Did/do you hear/feel/taste/smell that?”) and somebody somewhere in your story says, “Goodbye!” (you are allowed to substitute “Farewell!”, “Au revoir!”, “Sayonara!”, “Ciao!”, or “So long!”)  Entries must be posted on your blog between Friday August 31 and Tuesday September 4 at 11:59 PM EDT. 

24 thoughts on “Summer Send-Off Contest

  1. PETD…just love this idea! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Sue…I’m following yours and also following you on Twitter. 🙂 Your story has a lot of kid-appeal…and girl-power galore. 🙂 Great job!


    • Thank you Diane. You are always one of the first to comment and I appreciate that. Snarls actually insisted I write this story. He was complaining of the dogs and cats getting all the attention (and something about a pink tasseled saddle?)


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