The Universe of Fair Illustrated by Frank Dormer


Leslie Bulion

Frank W. Dormer

Peachtree Publishing


264 pages,  for  Ages: 8 to 12

I received an email from Peachtree Publishers with four new Frank W. Dormer Illustrations from The Universe of Fair by Leslie Bulion.   Enjoy!

Miller and best friend Lewis  .      .          .        .        .         .      .. .  ..  .   Miller with trio of 1st graders

. . . . .Miller’s sister Penny   . .        .         .        .           .       . . . . . .Miller enjoysFair food, here with Lewis

For more information on the book please read the review HERE!

For additional information from the author, Leslie Bulion, read her interview HERE!

The trailer for The Universe of Fair HERE!

To find the tour schedule go to the Peachtree blog HERE!

Friday, Peachtree will have a giveaway on their blog. Don’t miss it, I hear it will be a great giveaway. See you there!

8 thoughts on “The Universe of Fair Illustrated by Frank Dormer

    • Oops! Looks like the WP formatting fool messed up my post at the bottom. The one in the corn outfit is Miller’s sister, Penny. But yes, Miller is a goofy kid, but no more than other kids his age who are into physics, and string theory, and do a fair diorama of The Theory of Everything.


    • Yeah, the name cat lit didn’t work either. I am so glad you are following me, because I am following you. Now, one question. Are you Genevieve or is that your mom’s name?


      • Mom is the Genevieve part of our team. She helps me write. When I was in a shelter and foster care, I had a few different names, but now I am just Cupcake (because I am so sweet).

        Love and licks,


        • You are a former rescue dog? Bless your heart. I bet your ran into a lot of feral kitties. I am so glad you were rescued and given a foster home before your furrever home was found. I may need your help. I am writing a book for kids about one dog’s journey from runaway to rescue to his forever home. I have already met so many of your pals it breaks my heart. But then I look at you and realize there can be happy endings.


    • Hi, Misaki. I don’t recall going to your blog, but I found out I am following you. There is only one way this could have happened.

      I have two cats who sneak onto the laptop when I am not around. I bet they found you. The older one likes dogs and the little one is probably not knowledgeable enough yet to force her choices onto the other. But I am glad they did this–for once. Usually, I find I am following cat treat makers, toy makers and sellers, and all sorts of weird stuff only a cat could love.

      I like dogs and am really glad you are here. It is nice to meet you.


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