Guest Post: I’m Not the Bad Guy by Douglas Harris


Today we have a Special Guest Douglas Harris from the new book Millicent Marie is NOT My NameDouglas is “Millie” Millicent Marie’s ten-year-old younger brother. Douglas is at Kid Lit Reviews to explain his part in the Notorious Springside Elementary School’s Internet Deblogcle, written by “new girl” Amanda.  He assures us that he is not the bad guy.

Hi Douglas. Why are you not the bad guy here, even though you started the ball rolling?

I’m Not the Bad Guy

By Douglas

Douglas, I just introduced you. There is really no need for a title. Okay, it’s fine. What is your defense?

“Everyone is mad at me. What’s the big deal? So maybe I did something I shouldn’t have done. I get that. But I only did one thing. Millicent Marie is the one who did all those other things. So, why am I the one in trouble?”

I don’t know, but it was a lot, yeah?

“Oh yeah—I got in BIG trouble. I lost all video games and television for a MONTH. Can you believe that? All she got was a, “Well, I’m glad you learned a lesson out of all this.” Yeah, she was grounded for the weekend, but it’s not like she was going anywhere. Plus, she still got to watch television.”

Was there anything good on T.V.? Sorry. A month can be a long time, something like 30 days. What could be worse?

“To top it all off, Millicent Marie had this lady write a book about it and now she is going around to all these blogs telling everyone how awful I am. It’s time I told MY side of the story, don’t you think?”

Yeah, I read the book. It’s funny, great characters, a romance, and it will be a BIG Blog Hit! Sorry Doo—Douglas., what is your side of the story, which really is good by the way.

“Let me start from the beginning.”

That’s a good place.

“My name is Doogle—well really it’s Douglas, but Millicent Marie calls me Doogle. That’s the first thing that drives me crazy. Millicent Marie is my older sister, and she thinks she knows everything. She’s always trying to get me in trouble. That’s the second thing…. So I decided it was time to show her she can’t push me around anymore. I snuck into her room and found her diary that she keeps on her laptop. Then I created a blog, and well—then I sort of published the diary on the blog—on the Internet.”

Whoa, no you didn’t!?

“Geez, I guess when I put it like that, it looks sort of bad—but she deserved it! Besides, she signed all her entries Amanda, so no one even knew it was her. All she had to do was delete the blog and the whole thing would have been over.  But nooo… she had to keep it going.”

Who’s Amanda?

“See that’s where my involvement ends. Sure, what I did was sneaky—but what she did after that was just plain mean. She kept the blog going and used it to gossip about her classmates. She never told anyone it was her, and she said some really mean stuff about a lot of people. So she’s the one who should have gotten in all the trouble—don’t  you think? Because you know—gossiping and bullying is just wrong! Even I wouldn’t stoop so low. “

NO? What about Michael Jacoby?  Uh, huh. So how is Millie?

“Apparently she was all teary eyed and  “I learned my lesson, and I’ll never do it again, and none of this would have even happened if Doogle didn’t publish my diary to begin with.”  Blah, blah, blah. Girls. Ugh. In the end, I guess we both learned lessons—but still—no video games for a month? So unfair! Maybe I can get that lady to write a book about me next time.”

Thank you Douglas.  Let’s hope that lady will write your book . . . next time??


To summarize, Doogle (I once had a cat with that name—it’s true) is not the bad guy and he knows he shouldn’t have done it.  It was only ONE thing, that’s it, and Millie is always trying to get him in trouble because she knows everything, pushes him around, and tries to get him in trouble. PLUS, she had some lady write a book about the entire ordeal. That’s nervy.  But in the end, he learned a lesson.

What you just heard (use your imagination), was Douglas’ defense.

……………………..Do YOU believe him?

……………………………Was Big Sister Millicent Marie let off the hook too easily?

………..And, just who is this Amanda girl?

Dear listeners (imagination), What Do You Think?

Please, tell Doogle, um, Douglas, what you think.

WARNING! If you do not know what this about, read tomorrow’s review of Millicent Marie is Not My Name by Karen Pokras Toz. The review will be waiting for you after midnight, October 31st, HERE!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: I’m Not the Bad Guy by Douglas Harris

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  2. Dear Doogle. I can’t say I know all the facts behind your grounding. Somehow I think there’s more to the story than you’re telling because parent’s are usually fair and grounding for 30 days is not fair unless it’s fair. Hmmm . . .


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