Laptop is Deathly Sick . . . Possibly Dead

No Review Today.

Today’s review was to be my choice. Nothing was scheduled. There is no review today. No, that was never my choice.

Yesterday my laptop went dark and stayed that way. It was ill the day before, going in and out of consciousness, until finally it went dark. It’s cute little white “ON” light flickered and then disappeared. No amount of electricity could bring it back to life. Now it is up to Dr. Geek. We have an appointment with Dr. Geek  tomorrow, but I think a funeral is in the horizons.

I am going to do my best to get all the reviews done as scheduled.  I will beg, borrow, and um, I will um . . . go to the library and use up my three-hour allotment each day. No stealing. No, not a good idea.

Please pray for the laptop, or whatever you do when needing help. I never named it so let’s call it Lappy. In times like this I regret not naming inanimate objects.  I guess a computer could be considered animated, but that is now a moot point, at least for Lappy.

It has been many years since I last wrote to Santa, care of the North Pole.  Before my time is up—my three hours, not . . . —I am going to write to the big guy. If anyone knows Santa, or knows someone who knows Santa, or knows someone who knows someone who knows Santa, or knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Santa, or . . . you get the idea, please put in a good word for Lappy and me, since the review of the best gaming laptops I read didn’t look too encouraging for me and my budget.

Until tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “Laptop is Deathly Sick . . . Possibly Dead

  1. Poor Lappy… 😦 I hope Dr. Geek helps. And that Lappy doesn’t have a virus. My iPod’s name is Gregorio Francis Emerson Wilbert Wilbur Martha Timothy Fredrick Robert XV (I call him Greg for short).


    • Greg the ipod. G.F.E.W.W.M.T.F.R. “few matter?” I am inspired by you Erik. My next laptop (I don’t think Lappy will make it), will be named Mac — “My Awesome Computer” I should have sprung for when I got “Lappy.”

      Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂


      • I forgot. I have a real life funny for you. First, say this, “I like my brother.” I love him, too, but it is more important to know I like him, thus laugh.

        When my laptop died I told my brother I wanted to get a Mac .

        He said, “I thought you wanted an Apple?” Isn’t he adorable?


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