#216 – Chase Danger, Super Spy, #2: Pirates of Pineapple Island by Case and Lisa Olivera

Chase Danger #2 4 Stars
Chase Danger, Super Spy:
Pirates of Pineapple Island
Chase & Lisa Olivera
Adam Goodman
32 Pages:    Ages: 4 to 7

From Website:  7-year-old super-spies Chase Danger and Princess Ali Bali must think fast when they discover pirates have stolen Zalezgon’s magical pineapples.  But that’s not all!  Ali’s little brother Aiden has been kidnapped by the dreaded pirate Captain Looney, who is planning on taking over the world with his newly invented Weather Rockets!  Hang-gliding, jungles, giant sharks, super Roller Coasters, pirates, and a sky-dive will keep your children’s attention from start to finish and give them a thirst for  adventure!

But it’s not JUST A BOOK!  There’s more! The adventure experience is enhanced with the included “Read-Along Theater” CD. A full cast acts out the story, with music and sound effects!



Youngsters Chase Danger and Ali Bali are back fighting crime. Once again, they are going against criminals that want some part of Mr. Zalezgon’s special pineapple pizza that Chase cannot go without eating. Does it supply him with his abilities to fight and think the superior way he can? But Ali hates the stuff.

In book 2, the kids take off after pirates who have stolen Mr. Zalezgon’s pineapple supply. Captain Looney and his crew are sailing to Pineapple Island where all the pizza sauce stews to perfection. Nah, just kidding. Pineapple Island grows the Skydiving 15magical pineapples used in the pineapple pizza Chase loves to eat.

The kids use all sorts of super spy equipment to catch up to the ship and defeat the pirates. Ali Bali has a secret rollercoaster car that flies off the track and Chase adds  Super-Spy Turbo Bikes; spy bombs; and items that suddenly appear.

The bad guys are also well-equipped. Captain Looney uses rockets controlled by kidnap victim Aiden’s emotions and can control of the weather. The kids hold their own against the pirates despite walking the plank into shark-infested water, sudden weather changes, and a younger brother who hates one of the super spies.

I loved the comedy thrown in as the kids walk the plank into a shark-infested ocean and hit the surface riding a giant shark. Then Captain Looney cries out,

“You mangy sea rats, no fair!”


The CD that comes with each Chase Danger book is again marvelous, with narration by the returning Jack Tracksler. The CD is exciting and fun. Kids, especially the younger ones, will love this read-along CD. It is easy to listen with your ears while watching the action with your mind’s eye. With the CD your child’s imagination can flourish. Chase and Ali can look like whatever the child wants—even themselves! Young reluctant readers can read along with the narrator and characters.


Chase Danger, Super Spy #2: Pirate of Pineapple Island is a wild romp boys and girls of all ages will love. Between the fighting, super spy weapons and tools, kids will want to read this more than once. Add eye-popping detailed action illustrations with edge-to-edge bright colors and and this book becomes an award-winning presentation.

The writing knocks this package down a peg leg. A read-along book needs to work for both the book and the read-along CD. This one does not. There is too much “Tell” and not enough “Show.” Captain Looney is an under developed character. This criminal element could be anyone.

The glaring problem is all the coincidence. The pirates head out to sea right by the amusement park with Ali’s super c2roller coaster cars? With an unexpected tidal wave speeding toward the shark, the kids find boards fit to use as surfboards—somewhere in the ocean in a split-second? A bottle washes ashore from Aiden, with the needed map, at the same time Ali confesses her guilt, on an island they happened to wash ashore onto? This was also a big problem in book one.

The conflict arcs are great and get harder for Chase and Ali to conquer, just as it should, but there is no real change in either character at story’s end. How did this experience affect them? It is not suppose to be just another day at the ocean.

In contrast, the CD is wonderful, with great action and acting by the real Chase “Danger” Olivera. I would buy the book for the CD. This is where the value is. Sure, it is the same story and the same writing problems exist, but the text works for a narrated “production.” Plus, the CD contains vocal excitement.

The high production values are once again impressive. This is how you want to read a book to your child. Kids will go nuts for the CD.

In all honesty, despite the writing problems, kids will love Chase Danger, Super Spy, #2: Pirates of Pineapple Island. They will not care about all the telling, whether a comma is missing, or if their heroes do not change. They will care if their book falls apart, as did the one sent to me.

Boys will love this book a little more than girls will. Making Ali Bali a princess will not increase the number of girls asc3 much as Ali’s girl-power will. A story where Ali is the lead, Chase the second fiddle spy is the type of inner conflict needed to cause change in each of them by stories end—and more loyal female readers. Pure adrenaline action will not work as the characters—and readers—get older.

I like Chase and Ali. I hope the stories get better with time. The Read-Along CD is perfect, just like the CD for the first Chase Danger Book. Your children will not be disappointed reading Chase Danger, Super Spy, #2: Pirates of Pineapple Island.

Yesterday young Chase Danger came by for a short Q&A. You can read that HERE!

Chase Danger, Super Spy:

Pirates of Pineapple Island

Authors: Case & Lisa Olivera   Facebook    website
Illustrator: Adam Goodman       website
Publisher: Magic Fire Music       website
Release Date:2012
ISBN: 978-0983657415
Number of Pages: 32
Ages: 4 to 7

Copyrights ©2012 by Chase & Lisa Olivera and Adam Goodman, used with permission

7 thoughts on “#216 – Chase Danger, Super Spy, #2: Pirates of Pineapple Island by Case and Lisa Olivera

  1. Thanks for a great review of Book #2! Will need to investigate further on how to make the books work both as a reading experience and a theatrical experience at the same time. I’m glad that you think it works great as a CD production, because that was the #1 goal. (I wonder if Shakespeare had this problem? I’ve heard that his plays being read don’t translate as well as when they are performed.) As for missing commas or grammatical errors… I’m going to have a stern talk with the professional copy editor we paid (with a P.H.D. in english), not to mention the college writing professor and the high school english teacher. Looking forward to many more reviews for many more Chase Danger books in the future. Thanks for keeping us on our toes! 🙂


    • I am glad you liked the review. As for the differing book and CD, that may be a learn as-you-go, especially (if I have this correct), you husband’s background is theatrical, musical, and CD making and mixing. The books look great, kids seem to love them, and the stories are good. I’d say you are are on the right path. Since you are in for the long haul–or at least until Chase goes off to college 🙂 –I think you will be fine. Just keep learning.

      Keep sending me the newest book to review and I will be happy to keep you on your toes. :0


    • Erik, you will like this one too. Didn’t you review the first book? I’d send you the one I received but it is not bound well enough and falls apart. If you’d still like it, send me an email with your address and I’ll send it off. BUT, you must do a review because it is a review copy.


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