#222 – One Night in Bethlehem: a touch and feel book by Jill Roman Lord

onenightinbethlehem4 Stars

Jill Roman Lord

Illustrator:  Paige Keiser

Candy Cane Press

Ages: 0 to 4

Cover: A young boy considers what he would done if he had been in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.  Engaging art with textures will help children imagine how it might have felt like to be present for the birth of our King.


One Night in Bethlehem is a Christmas inspired touch-and -feel book for young children. The young boy’s mother lifts him up so he can see and touch the family manger sitting on a mantle. His mind takes over and he imagines himself at the manger, on that night so long ago in Bethlehem.  He envisions himself watching the actual scene, wondering what things felt like, so he reaches out and touches different objects.  Imagining himself as the angel above, he wears what angels may have worn back then.

One Night in Bethlehem is a lovely Christian oriented story of a young boy present at the manager scene. Writing in verse, the author has written a story young children will be able to understand. Additionally, kids can connect with the story by touching the stimulating objects presented on the thick cardboard pages.

One Night in Bethlehem is short. It will hold young child’s attention from beginning to end.  This makes a great present for the very youngest.  It is sturdy, well written in fun rhymes, and thick pages young fingers can grab onto and not easily tear. One Night in Bethlehem retells a traditional Christmas story the youngest can understand, and is a fast bedtime read.

The swatches on each page were firmly in place and different in feel and shape.  The illustrations are of a bright, happy child racing through one point in history.  I can see this being a special book for young girls and boys, who will demand it be read over, and over, again.





Author: Jill Roman Lord    website
Illustrator:  Paige Keiser    website
Publisher: Candy Cane Press    website
Release Date: October 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8249-1863-7
Number of Pages: 16
Ages : 0 to 4

Copyright ©2012 by Candy Cane Press, used with permission.

Text: Copyright ©2012 by Jill Roman Lord

Illustrations: Copyright ©2012 by Paige Keiser, used with permission.

book donated to library courtesy of author & publisher

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