#226 – Where Teddy Bears Come From by Mark Burgess

Where Teddy Bears Come5 Stars

Where Teddy Bears Come From

Mark Burgess

Russell Ayto

Peachtree Publishing

32 Pages      Ages: 4 to 8

Back Cover/Jacket: Once upon a time, there was a little wolf who couldn’t get to sleep. He needed a teddy bear to cuddle. But where do teddy bears come from? Do you know? The little gray wolf simply can’t get to sleep. He wished he had a teddy bear to cuddle, but he doesn’t know how to get one. Where do teddy bears come from anyway?


Little Wolf just cannot sleep. Drinking warm milk does not help. A cuddle from mom does not help. Even reading his favorite teddy bear story did not help Little Wolf fall asleep. He needs a real teddy bear of his own to cuddle.  Little Wolf asks his mother,

“Where do teddy bears come from?”

His mother does not know. She suggests he ask the Wise Owl. The Wise Owl knows everything. With a packed lunch, Little Wolf sets out to find this know-it-all owl.   But the owl does not know. He suggests Little Wolf ask the Three Little Pigs. Little Wolf thanks the doesn’t-know-it-all Wise Owl and walks further into the woods. A small brick house appears in an opening in the woods. Little Wolf decides this must be the Three Little Pigs house. Intending to ask politely if they knew where teddy bears come from, Little Wolf gets a smidgen of a tickle in his nose.

“A . . . ACHOO!”

Where Teddy Bears Come From is an interesting story and perfect for this holiday season, especially if you know someone who loves teddy bears or does not know where they come from.  Do you? Do you know where teddy bears come from? Little Wolf is determined to find out and questions several favorite fairy tale characters.  Let’s see, the Three Little Pigs, the Wise Owl, Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, oh, no that last one is not right. Well, you get the idea and if I told you all of the interesting characters Little Wolf encounters on his journey to find out where teddy bears come from, well, it would be a spoiler.

I love that I get to reacquaint myself with so many beloved characters from my childhood. Plus, I have no idea where teddy bears come from. They are just there. Each character Little Wolf encounters is an initial disaster. Then he is sent on his way because really, who really can answer that question?

The illustrations are quirky. Little Wolf has a triangle head and a rectangle body, with HUGE eyes—but it works!  Each character is quirkier than the one before.

Kids of all ages will like the silliness and the mash-up of all these stories into Where Teddy Bears Come From. The details are fascinating. The stairs to Little Wolf’s bedroom is a good example. The three framed pictures—a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the big bad wolf with very large teeth to bite you with, and a pig looking like he is on the run—look like their eyes follow Little Wolf up and down the stairs, which is creepy, because I think they follow my eyes.

I bet the question on the tip of your tongue or the top of your head is this: What does this book have to do with Christmas books?  That is an easy question. The answer is it is a Christmas book. Promise. Half of the fun is the surprise and I refuse to steal that fun from you.

Boys and girls will love this book. It is intended for ages four to eight, yet I loved it and I am a wee little older than eight-years-old.  The story is fun, fast paced, and uses a large amount of dialogue, giving the reader many opportunities to stretch their vocal characters.

No matter how many times you are asked to read Where Teddy Bears Come From, the fun will remain. The repetition of Little Wolf’s line “where do teddy bears come from,” will build reading confidence in children who read along with you. Encourage this.

Please trust me. Where Teddy Bears Come From IS a holiday book. It IS a Christmas book. And it IS a fun and entertaining book your children—of all ages—will love.  This is a fun book. No one will have nightmares or not be able to sleep—unless they do not have a teddy bear to cuddle. You’ve been warned.



Where Teddy Bears Come From

Author: Mark Burgess    website
Illustrator: Russell Ayto    website
Publisher: Peachtree Publishing    website
Release Date: August 1, 2010
ISBN: 978-56145-487-7
Number of Pages: 32     
Ages: 4 to 8
copyright ©2012 by Peachtree Publishing, used with permission.
book donated to library courtesy of author & publisher

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    • It is a great book for anyone who LOVES fairy tales. This blends Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, and whatever the Wise Owl is from. It is neat how he did this.

      Oh, Santa is in it too, so It qualifies as a Christmas Story.


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