#232 – Chasing Watermelons by Kevin White

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Chasing Watermelons

Kevin White

Rex White

32 Pages     Ages: 3 to 6


Press Release: When Duck opens a crate of watermelons for a watermelon feast, they begin to roll. Duck chases after them. One by one, Duck invites Goat, Pig, Chicken, and Cow to join the chase by promising, “If you help, you can have some too.” The watermelons lead them on a chase across the countryside, and each friend solves a problem along the way. Will they ever catch those elusive watermelons? Will Duck ever get his watermelon feast?


Duck decides today is a good day for a watermelon feast, but when he goes to the watermelon patch to get a watermelon they are all crated, ready for shipping to markets. Duck does the only thing a duck can do when wanting a watermelon feast, but all the watermelons are in crates—he opens up a crate.

Poor Duck stands there helpless crowbar in hand, watching as the watermelons roll out of the crate and down the hill. Duck does the only thing a duck can do when the watermelons begin rolling down a hill—Duck begins chasing them. Duck chases the watermelons right past Goat, who is on his porch watching the watermelons roll down the hill.

...........“What are you doing,” asked Goat.
...........“Chasing watermelons,” said Duck,
...“for a watermelon feast. If you help, you can have some too.”

Goat hops over the porch railing and joins Duck in the chase after the rolling watermelons. They run past Pig lounging in a mud pit. Pig asks Duck what he is doing. Duck said he is chasing watermelon and if he helps, he can have some too. Pig joins the chase. Duck, Goat, and Pig chase the watermelons right past Chicken’s hut. Chicken said . . .

Chasing Watermelons is a comical romp through the countryside, on the railroad system, into the river, by way of the interstate, and up in the air before the group, led by Duck, give up the chase, or enjoy a friendly watermelon feast. The repetitive pattern of the text is good for young children trying to learn how to read.

Whenever an obstacle occurs, one of the five chasing the watermelons has a solution. This teamwork between friends brings them all closer to the watermelon at each stage. I like how not one member of this group is more important than the other, but rather equally strong and needed to accomplish their goal. It also helped that the thing needed happened to be right there or conveniently around the corner.

The illustrations are simple. Usually I like details, little details that one must actively look for. In the case of Chasing Watermelons I like the simplicity that kept our attention on the chase and the actions of each character. There is much action and the illustrations do a great job of showing all of the motion. Plus, each character has back dots for eyes, yet with a raise of the eyebrows, a shrug, and paws on hips or in the air tells us what these animals are thinking.

Chasing Watermelons is a good book for the youngest child who is learning to speak or read. Parents will find this book has a lot of to embellish with voices and impressions, is fun to read, and can enjoyably be read numerous times. I think Chasing Watermelons is a good story time book that will work well with a number of children. Boys and girls will both enjoy this book. M

There is much to learn from this story. Besides the obvious friendship, teamwork, trust, and cooperation, there is a beginning lesson in land, sea, and air transportation, and maybe most important of all, don’t let your watermelon roll down a hill.

illustration up    soon

Chasing Watermelons

Author: Kevin White    website
Illustrator: Rex White    website
Publisher:  Chimeric Press    website       facebook
Release Date: October 20, 2012
ISBN:  978-0-9847122-3-6
Number of Pages: 32
Ages: 3 to 6
Copyright ©2012 by Chimeric Press
Text: Copyright ©2012 by Kevin White
Illustrations: Copyright ©2012 by Rex White, used with permission

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Side Note:  A new company called Chimeric Press publishes Chasing Watermelons and two other books, with  five more on the way. Chimeric Press specializes in children’s picture books and believes the author and illustrator need to work together on a “shared vision.” Chimeric Press likes surprise endings and humor in it’s picture books, along with flawed but lovable characters that kids can relate to and enjoy rooting for.  They are also behind a new children’s book festival to be held in West Branch, Michigan next August 10 ,  11, 2013.

6 thoughts on “#232 – Chasing Watermelons by Kevin White

    • Erik, do you have a new hobby? I wonder because you like the covers a lot, I thought maybe you were going to start collecting them.

      Hey, what happened with the stop-motion film you were making over the summer? Is it finished? Can I show it, maybe review it? Do you have a story book to go with it or is there a voice-over? I have been waiting months to hear about this and maybe see it. So, Erik, soon to be eleven (or may already be), what happened to that exciting project?


    • Merry, Merry Rhythm! Do you have a paw stocking hung up on the mantle? This Chasing Watermelons would be a good book for rainy days. You know, on those in-the-house-only-days-except-to- . . . when you cannot chase anything yourself–except your tail. It will give you some great ideas on how to catch stuff. Merry SantaPaws to you!


    • I reviewed another of this brother-team’s books a short while ago. It was called Stubby Pencil Noodle Head. The graphics were great for this one. They seem to make a great team. My brothers would only fight and throw paint.


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