Jack Templar Monster Hunter Tour
Join the Party!
Jeff Gunhus is wrapping up a 3 week tour with a Twitter Party on Friday, December 21 from 6 pm to 8 pm EST Use the hashtag #JackTemplar to join the party.
Missed the tour? Check out the entire tour schedule for great reviews, guest posts, and interviews!………………………………………….


~~AND ~~


 Are YOU are waiting for the FREE version of the BOOK?

Yes? Then GO get your copy NOW!

All Monster Hunters  and  Wannabe Hunters AND Monsters


your free, yes, FREE Jack Templar BOOK!

Jack is giving away even to Monsters! Is Jack a

Genius . . . or a Real Dope?  

Read the book and find out. But remember BEWARE!! even the monsters that do not know how to read will be at your heels after YOU GET the first BOOK. Now, if you have read this far, you are already in trouble so go on, get the book. MONSTERS will GET this so you need this.  Either way they will get  YOU!

BE PREPARED for the fight!


Free eBook

As a special gift right before the holidays Jack Templar Monster Hunter is FREE on Amazon December 20 & 21


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