Free Book!

Good Evening Regular Readers and Guests.

Well, Lappy had a heart attack last night. It’s lights went all out leaving nothing but dark silence—well, almost silent. I was a bit noisy.

I raced the old mother . . . board to the nearest Geek. He revived it so fast I thought it was playing games with me.  It wasn’t, but someone was. It had a virus running through it. “‘Tis the season.”

Seems a program it downloaded the day before, in hopes of finding a different problem, allowed the virus to enter. Oddly, it was at a well respected company’s webpage that this recommended diagnostic tool was introduced. Instead of solving one problem, it caused a few more.

We spent the rest of the night, and most of  today, in emergency surgery.

Lappy’s been wiped clean and restored to its original beauty. Hopefully there is not a trace of the old Lappy left, or of that vicious virus.  That, time will only tell.

Lappy’s World, I mean Word, has improved, from 2007 to 2010. That, and a few other shiny updated skills  should kept it reviewing for a long while to come.

The Best News


Today’s review of Escape From The Forbidden Planet, Book 1,  will be rescheduled.  Julie Anne Grasso, the author of this middle grade fantasy, has been extremely gracious and understanding. She would like me to remind all of you about a GREAT DEAL going on right through Christmas Day.

Escape From the Forbidden Planet, Book 1 is available FREE, in its digital version,  today, tomorrow,  Monday, and Tuesday, Christmas Day. A nice Christmas Present from Ms. Grasso that I am sure you will enjoy.

The characters are lively and likable—except for those antagonistic aliens.

Just make sure your stomach is ready because it will grumble and growl for this story. Your nose might even believe it is smelling a few good scents.  For a reliable review, go HERE!  The birthday boy who owns this site wrote a wonderful review of the book.

This is an early gift from Julie Anne Grasso and it is  waiting for you at Amazon. She said you can open it up anytime you like.  Don’t miss out on this gift of a FREE BOOK!

I know everyone who stops by Kid Lit Reviews LOVES a FREE BOOK!    Please accept Ms. Grasso’s gift. You will enjoy every page.

Go now right HERE! for a free copy of Escape From the Forbidden Planet, Book 1

To read Erik’s review go HERE!


Great  Review:

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