#238 – I Couldn’t Love You More by James Ingram & Matt Hammitt

I Couldnt Love YOu More 2012

I Couldn’t Love You More

by Jason Ingram & Matt Hammitt

illustrated by Polona Lovsin

4 stars


Back Cover:  I couldn’t love you more is the message of a parent to a child. While it depicts the immense love a parent has for a child, it highlights on an even deeper level the unconditional love of Christ. This book is based on the lyrics of the song written by Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Road and Jason Ingram. “I Couldn’t Love You More” appears on Hammitt’s solo album Every Falling Tear, which chronicles his faith journey surrounding the birth of his son, Bowen. The Hammitt’s son was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and endured two open-heart surgeries within the first months of his life.


Based on a song of the same name, I Couldn’t Love You More is testament of a father’s love for his newborn son and the father’s desire to share the love of God with his son. The song, according to a biographical history blurb in the front of the book, describes a father’s deepening faith as witnessed his infant son undergo  two open-heart surgeries. Today, the child is the tender age of two.

The illustrations are adorable pictures of individual baby animals or a parent and baby, beginning with a small bunny and a smaller kitty, looking out at the night sky. The bunny is talking to the kitty saying, “In the night He is with you.” The artist has done a magnificent job creating animals guaranteed to melt your heart.

This is a touching book of encouragement and love, but only if you first read the biographical information. The text is awkward and does not make sense, if not knowing the origins of the book. The ending will definitely throw you, even with the background information. It is a cut off sentence without balance and the spread before is of no help. If you know the song, singing the text much improves the experience. The lack of punctuation is typical throughout the book.

..........“I couldn't love you more No, I couldn't love you more
..........Oh, but somebody does Jesus”

Being able to take a song and turn it into an inspirational children’s book is often a good idea, even a great idea. Once it goes into a book, lyrics need punctuation to make sense when reading. If the above had the correct punctuation, it would end wonderfully.

..........I couldn't love you more. No, I couldn't love you more.
..........Oh, but somebody does:  Jesus.

The book is a hardback with an adorable adult bear cuddling an even more adorable baby bear. The jacket is removable, revealing the identical designs on the front and back covers. It is a little awkward to read aloud, being a lyric and not a sentence in a story. Older children may not find the lyrics engaging.


I think young children will love I Couldn’t Love You More. The bright colors remind me of spring and new beginnings. Parents of young children will enjoy this book. With its lyrics of love and praise, this is great choice for anyone with a child in the hospital or ill at home. Part of each book and the album that inspired it, help support the Whole Hearts Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the author. This organization helps parents with children suffering from a congenital heart defect. ………….

I Couldn’t Love You More

Jason Ingram & Matt Hammitt, authors    website  website
Polona Lovsin, illustrator   website
Tyndale House Publishing    website
Released March 28, 2012     Bowen's site
ISBN: 978-1-4143-6739-2
32 Pages     Ages: 4 to 8
Copyright ©2012 by Tyndale House Publishing, used with permission
Text: Copyright ©2012 by Jason Ingram & Matt Hammitt
Illustrations © 2011 by Polona Lovsin
book donated to library courtesy of author & publisher

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    • I agree. I felt all angles should be mentioned, not just my own. I was confused with the last sentence of text until I read it several ties, then finally added punctuation and it hit home.


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