#239 – Victricia Malicia, Book-Loving Buccaneer by Carrie Clickard

Victricia Malicia 2012


Victricia Malicia: Book-Loving Buccaneer

Carrie Clickard, author

Mark Meyers, illustrator

4 Stars


Inside Front Jacket:  Victricia Malicia Barrett may have been born on a pirate ship and raised in all the best pirate ways, but she sure is a wreck on deck. Her knots slip, she falls from the rigging, and rats abandon ship when she cooks. No wonder she’s sick of the sea!

Perplexed by Victricia’s love of dry land and strange addiction to books, her pirate family tolerates one maritime mishap after another—until the fateful day when her slippery new swabbing soap sends half the crew overboard! Will the buccaneers ground this nautical nuisance or will Victricia find a way to save the day?


Victricia Malicia Calamity Barrett was born on her mother’s ship. Mom is the Captain and dad is the ship’s cook. Victricia is a pirate, but unlike Grandma with her peg leg and hook—both valiantly earned I’m sure, Victricia Malicia could only think of books. Instead of wanting to read “Macramé for Beginners” or “Betty Wanna Cracker Cookbook,” Victricia read books such as “Anne of Green Gables,”  “Heidi,” and “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”

Victricia’s slipknot slipped and Victricia slipped from the ropes of the rigging. Then one day she swabbed the deck wit her homemade soap and sent the crew and all the bounty sliding off the deck and into the ocean. That would be the end of Victricia Malicia. Captain Mom was dropping her off at a deserted tropical island      with her books and other belongings.

Victricia Malicia, Book-Loving Buccaneer is a delightful charmer about being true to you. Instead of a family of lawyers or doctors, or authors, it is a family of sneaky, stealing, sea-drifting pirates— but Victoria is not happy being a pirate or living at sea. She is the misfit. I love Mom as the Captain and Dad the ship’s cook. It’s a total flip-flop of the traditional roles.


The story is humorous from beginning to end. Victoria takes her first steps off the plank. The men look like traditional pirates with eye patches, headbands, pirate hats, nose rings, and most things associated with pirates. The women except for Captain Mom in her fluffy shirt, tails, large ring earrings, all dress like modern day woman.

The illustrations are great. There is lots of detail, bright colors, and action. The characters all have at least one distinguishing feature and the art follows the story closely. When the men slid off the deck of the ship it is real enough that I tried to reach out and grab them.  I really like the ending, which I am not giving away. This is a good book for young girls and boys. While the girls get a role model in Victricia Malicia, the boys can have fun with the male pirates. Victricia Malicia, Book-Loving Buccaneer, is a good story time book and will generate tons of questions and answers with a group of youngsters.

AWARDS :  2012 ABC Best of Books Catalog pick


Victricia Malicia: Book-Loving Buccaneer

Carrie Clickard, author     website
Mark Meyers, illustrator    website
Flashlight Press Publishing    website     book's site
Released on June 1, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-93626-112-3
32 Pages
Ages 4 to 8
Copyright ©2012 by Flashlight Press, used with permission
Text: Copyright © 2012 by Carrie Clickard
Illustrations: Copyright ©2012 by Mark Meyers
book donated to library courtesy of author & publisher

4 thoughts on “#239 – Victricia Malicia, Book-Loving Buccaneer by Carrie Clickard

  1. This sounds like a wonderful book! Erik is right, I love the cover and the illustrations look really, really good. The lesson and story sound super as well. Thanks for sharing this book. I must put it on my “to read” list (which is already enormous).

    Paul R. Hewlett


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