New Features for 2013

Children’s book reviews will resume tomorrow, but I didn’t want today to go by without a post. So let me tell you what I would like to do with Kid Lit Reviews in 2013.

TOP 10

I hope everyone had a chance to read about the new rating system. In short, the 5 star ratings will remain the same so as not to jeapardize any writer when a review is added to an outside site. But, to be a more responsible reviewer than I was in 2011 or 2012, there is a new 6th star.

This extra star will be sparingly granted to books that I feel are brilliantly written, illustrated, or a combination of the two. That is not to say many 6th stars will not be granted if 2013 turns out to be the year of the brilliant book. Wouldn’t that be a treat!

At the end of the year, there will be some kind of recognition for these brilliant books from Kid Lit Reviews. I am hoping to make this an annual feature. To read more, click on the “Top 10” tag in the navigation bar.

Guest Columnists

Author Angela Shelton’s guest post, Children’s Authors Should Work with Local Teachers, received one of the highest readership this site has seen to date. (It was number one until another post knocked Angela’s to number two.) Because everyone enjoyed this, I thought it would be great to have a guest article from other authors, illustrators, editors, agents, publishers, teachers, or anyone else that has an interest in children’s literature.

If YOU are that person, please email me at morris (dot) suem @ att (dot) net. The topic should be centered around children’s literature, writing, or reading. I would love to have such an article once a month from a new voice to Kid Lit Reviews. This will also give you a break from my words. 😦

Added Offerings

In addition to book reviews, in 2012 interviews were added. This year, I hope to bring you additional offerings. If any of these appeal to you or someone you know, let me know. They are:

Spotlights – author, illustrator, publisher

Book Spotlights

Contests – with prizes

Kid Lit Blog Hop – with Renee at Mother and Daughter Book Reviews, tab “Kid Lit Blog Hop.” Twice a month, first and third Wednesdays. Any author, illustrator or publisher with a book review or other children’s literature post that can be linked, are welcome to participate. Anyone can hop along the posts without entering a post themselves. Click on the Blog Tour tab at the top or go to Mother and Daughter Book Reviews.Β  Both have all of the links, with covers, waiting to be clicked.

If anyone has something they think would be a great addition to Kid Lit Reviews, please let me know. Children’s book reviews will always be center stage and have precedence over the other features. Y

et, a wise friend suggested I mix things up a bit. Sooooo, if this all flops, blame her. πŸ˜‰

Back tomorrow with a review of The Slither Sisters from author Charles Gilman, illustrator Eugene Smith, and Quirk Books.

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  1. This is how behind I am – I’ve had notice of this post in my inbox and I’m just getting to it NOW! I wanted to see what you are up to! lol I love how you have set yourself some goals and clarified the features on the site. I’m thrilled to have you as a hostess on the Kid Lit Blog Hop, but I have to tell that my name has two ee’s on the end (Renee), and don’t worry, I won’t force you to put the accent on the one “e” – I don’t even do it myself! lol Anyways – “Cheers!” – here’s to a fantastic 2013! πŸ˜€


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