#277 – Ernest & Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug by Guillaume Bianco (Graphic Novel Week Day 4)

Welcome Back to Graphic Novel Week, Day 3

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Today’s Selection is a Great Family Read Everyone Will Enjoy


Ernest and Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug

Guillaume Bianco

Antonello Dalena, artist

Papercutz Graphic Novels

5 Stars

Back Cover:  My name is Rebecca.  I am six and a half years old and my parents have separated.  For a bit of fresh air, I’m spending my vacation in the country at Grandpa Bug’s.  It’s boring here, there’s nothing to do, but the                  outdoors are doing me good. Is that why Ernest disappeared?  Why’s he hiding?  Luckily, Grandpa Bug’s here.  We take long walks together, and he teaches me lots of thing about nature.  A grandpa is like a microbe friend.  He knows lots of stuff that’s good for you. Ernest4-Prev1 Rebecca is 61/2 years old, not six years.  Say Rebecca is six-years-old and she will quickly correct you.  Rebecca will also let you know she hates being called a “little munchkin.”  Rebecca turns from a sweet lit . . . girl into a terrifying red-faced viper with fangs.  Her head bulges from her neck and gets into yours telling firmly she is not a little munchkin.  I have only seen candy fangs on girls that age.  This little red haired spitfire is one upset, confused, questioning child-of-divorce.

Rebecca’s best friend and the one who knows her best is Ernest, a green microbe she caught one day bug bike 2while looking for frogs.  He can change into most any matter to avoid detection by anyone but Rebecca.  Until this vacation at her grandparents’ country home, Ernest and Rebecca have not been apart.  She is sure Ernest is there and looks for him everywhere.  Rebecca calls for him non-stop the first day with help front Grandpa Bug, who seems to understand Rebecca’s need of an invisible friend, only Ernest is not invisible.

er6Ernest & Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug is a story of lost and found told in vignettes comparable to chapters.  Rebecca’s big sister Coralie has lost the signal needed to use her cell phone.  No matter what she does, Coralie cannot get a signal.  She is afraid of losing her high school boyfriend to a rival.  The other is Rebecca’s story of loss: loss of best friend Ernest, her daddy, and even Coralie.  Rebecca is one lonely little mun, uh . . . she is really feeling alone because of this divorce.  To make matters worse, and a bit strange, is Mom’s new husband, a man who looks to be near the same age as grandpa.

Ernest & Rebecca is a family graphic novel; one that anyone in the family can read or have read to them and all will enjoy.  Rebecca needs friends of the non-microbe kind.  One evening, in her grandparent’s front yard, three kids show up.  They dare Rebecca to join them at a ghost house but she is already past a normal six-year-old’s bedtime.  The kids laugh at her bedtime, which triggers Rebecca’s temper tantrum-like anger, fangs and all.  The “tough” kid invites Rebecca to their bug rebclubhouse the next day.  This is the beginning of Rebecca’s initiation into the secret club.

Rebecca’s most cherish relationship is with Grandpa Bug.  He understands her better than she does.  Rebecca can talk to her Grandpa and know he understands.  Grandpa Bug will do most anything for Rebecca, including sitting in a cold creek in nothing but his briefs, showing her how to catch frogs without any fancy equipment, and riding her all over the countryside on his bicycle-of-the-day.  Grandpa believes Ernest exists and helps Rebecca call out for him all over the countryside.  Their relationship is envious.

Ernest4-Prev2 Ernest4-Prev3

Ernest & Rebecca is from French team of author Guillaume Bianco artist Antonello Dalena who made this a hit.  Papercutz had the good sense, once again, to acquire the North American rights to this funniest of family-friendly graphic novels.  Graphic books are generally great for a reluctant reader and act as the gateway to literature.  This series is no exception. Great for both boys and girls, I think girls will get the biggest kick out of Rebecca’s antics and Coralie’s boy trouble.

Whether you read Ernest * Rebecca or someone reads it to you, there is no doubt you will enjoy the antics of this adorable little munchkin—


Got it!


I apologize for the stunted review. Still in the storm. This is a terrific book, I promise you won’t go wrong with Ernest & Rebecca.  Volume 4 will be release March 26, 2013. Many of the graphics are from volume #4 The Land of Walking Stones.  I might have been sent the wrong volume for review, BUT any volume of Ernest & Rebecca is a good choice.


Winner of the 2013 “Prix des Écoles” at the Angoulême Comics Festival!

Ernest and Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug

Guillaume Bianco 
Antonello Dalena, artist 
Papercutz Graphic Novels     website
Released on November 13, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-59707-353-0 
48 pages 
Ages:  6 and up 
Copyright © 2012 by Papercutz Graphic Novels, used with permission 
Text: copyright © 2012 by Guillaume Bianco 
Artwork: copyright © 2012 by Antonello Dalena

book donated to library courtesy of author & publisher

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