#286 – The Adventures of Loveable Lobo #2: Lobo Visits the Barnyard C. L. Murphy

lobo barn yard.


The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #2: Lobo Visits the Barnyard

C. L. Murphy

5 Stars


From Goodreads Author Summary:  Silly is what Lobo does best in this adventure where he visits the barnyard.  Who knew he could have so much fun slopping and plopping with the farm animals?  Lobo soon realizes that he is better off being true to his lovable wolf self.

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Lovable Lobo visits a barnyard where his friend Lulabell the cow lives.  Lulabell welcomes Lobo and then escorts him on a tour of the barnyard.  Lobo meets the pigs, who live in a muddy pig sty; the hen house, where many hens sit all day laying eggs; he rides a horse and tries to lasso a rooster; meets two cats, one named Calvin, who is stuck on the roof needing rescued and Koa, a blue-eyed cat who reminds Lobo he is not a bird.

Each barnyard animal Lobo meets he tries to imitate, sure he can do what the animal is doing. Lobo tries to lay an egg, but cannot.  He tries to fluff out his feathers like Tom turkey, but he has no feathers to fluff.  He slides into the pigsty then washes off in the pond, thinking he is a duck.  The ducks remind Lobo he is not a duck.

Lobo has loads of fun at the barnyard trying to be like the other animals—all to the farm animals’ dismay.  Then he meets Snickers, the barnyard guard dog.  Snickers has been watching Lobo from the time he entered the barnyard right up to Lobo asking Snickers if he is a wolf.  Lobo could see a few similar traits, and he was right.  Snickers  does have wolf descendants, but must not know it.  He tells Lobo he is the dog and Lobo is the wolf, not a dog.  Then Snickers kindly lets Lobo know he is a loveable wolf, who was welcome back to the barnyard anytime.  Happy, Lobo lets out a wolf howl that makes the barnyard animals shiver—just a bit.

lobo p6

This second Lovable Lobo book is similar to the first in many ways.  The illustrations are bright and cheery with loads of details.  Lobo acts his usual reckless self, unaware of his effect upon others around him.  Yet he learns quickly.  When the animals let him know he is not one of them, Lobo stops trying to imitate and moves on—only to go through the same scenario with the next animal.  Okay, his retention may not be wonderful, but Lovable Lobo is impossible to resist.

Lobo exhibits lots of fun energy, is not afraid to be himself, makes the most of each day, and enjoys those around him.  Each of those traits is positive and something children can strive to become.  I think children will enjoy this second book as much as I did.  Each spread lends itself to animal voices that will lead to enormous belly laughs.  Additionally, push a small icon on each page to hear the real voice of that barnyard animal.(iTunes).  Both the reader and the child listening will thoroughly love Lovable Lobo and his trip to Lulabell’s barnyard.


Available at iTunes.

The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #2: Lobo Visits the Barnyard

C. L. Murphy    website    facebook    goodreads
Released February 1, 2013      TRAILER
ISBN:  978-0-988318717
21 pages
Ages: 4 to 8
Copyright © 2013 by C. L. Murphy, used with permission.


The Adventures of Loveable Lobo, #1: Lobo and Popo Fool the Pack is available at both iTunes and Amazon.


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8 thoughts on “#286 – The Adventures of Loveable Lobo #2: Lobo Visits the Barnyard C. L. Murphy

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    • I don’t know about the comparison to Tigger. I do know that Lobo is goofy, clumsy, and gets into trouble without meaning to. You aren’t like that are you? This Lobo book is much better than the first. Plus, when you push the foot of each animal, you can hear them speak in their own native tongue. I have no idea what they say, but it sounds good. Do you speak any other animal? I think this is a good book to read to the kids.

      So far, it is only available at iTunes, but, if it follows the first book, it will soon be at Amazon and may have a print version.


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    • Pawsome! What a neat new word. There is much improvement between the first Lobo book and this one. I love this goofy guy. Nice work! That makes you also Pawsome! 😀


    • I don’t think Lobo has a big, bad wolf bone in him. He is definitely the type of wolf you’d want to cross-bread into a house dog. But maybe not until the author is done writing stories about him.


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