#303 – Betsy’s Day at the Game by Greg Bancroft

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Betsy’s Day at the Game

by Greg Bancroft

Katherine Blackmore, illustrator

4 Stars

Back Cover:  Betsy loves hanging out with her grandfather, especially at the ballpark.  Today is another game day, and Betsy is ready to show her grandpa all she’s learned about keeping score.  Best of all, some exciting things are about to happen at today’s game.  As the anticipation builds, Betsy keeps track of it all—foul balls, home runs, and favorite players.

First Sentence:  “Elizabeth, Grandpa’s here,” Betsy’s mom called out.


Betsy is spending the day with one of her favorite people—her grandfather.  They are going to a baseball game.  Betsy grabbed everything she’d need, putting them inside her “Boo Bag:” a scorebook, pencil, her baseball hat, and, of course, her glove incase an errant fly ball is hit her way.  Situated in the middle of the busy city, Betsy and Grandpa enjoyed the smell of the ballpark’s beautiful grass field.  Betsy readied her scorecard by writing in the names and positions of all the batters.  Grandpa quizzed her on the numbers, trying to stump her with the shortstop’s number—6—but Betsy had memorized them all.

“Play ball!” the umpired yelled, and the visiting team went to bat.  Betsy diligently scored each ball and strike and then put a big “K” in her scorebook when the batter struck out.  Batter two hit a ground ball to the shortstop who threw it to first base for the out.  Betsy recorded the play with the mark “6-3.”  The third batter walked, which Betsy scored as “BB.”  Next up, batter four—the clean-up guy—known as The Crusher, because he was a big muscular player that hit lots of homeruns.  The Crusher hit the pitch, fouling it back into the stands where Betsy was ready with her glove . . . and caught the ball!  That was strike one.  Then he hit a pitch far and deep into center field.  The ball headed into the stands for a homerun . . . no, wait, the center fielder jumped, reaching out as far as his arm would stretch, and  . . . he . . . caught the ball!  Three outs!

betsy game snag 1

Up and down the teams batted until it was the bottom of the ninth inning and the home team was losing three to nothing.  This would be their final chance to win the game.  In three outs, the game would be over.  The first batter walked and Betsy wrote “BB” in her scorecard.  The second batter hit the ball to the third baseman, who threw the runner out at second, and then the second baseman threw out the runner at first.  A “5-4-3” double play!  With two outs, the home team had dug themselves a deep hole.

Betsy excitedly told her mother all about the game, talking non-stop until bedtime.  It was then that mom showed Betsy her own scorebook from when grandpa, her dad, took her to baseball games.  She even had an old baseball she caught at a game, just as Betsy had that day.  The two talked some more and then, in unison, said grandpa’s favorite baseball saying, “It doesn’t get much better than this!”

page 13

I loved the story!  I love baseball stories in general, but I have never read one that explained how to keep score.  Through Grandpa’s quizzing, kids can learn the number of each field position.  There is even a diagram of the field with the numbers posted by position.  While Betsy keeps score, kids can learn the basics of scorekeeping.  With the included scorebook sheets, kids can score baseball or softball games as they watch the teams duke it out.  Just in case Betsy’s scoring does not explain enough, the author gives a fast lesson in the back and includes a completed sample scorebook sheet.  Betsy’s Day at the Game is a perfect story for any child who wants to keep score at games, but unsure how to mark the score sheet.

The story is also good.  Betsy recounts her week with grandpa while on their way to the game.  When she returns, she fills in mom about her day with grandpa.  This reinforces the importance of generations talking to each other.  The two, or more, generations may find their perceived differences very different.  Mom filled in the highlights of her week in the margins of her scorebook, just as Betsy had done.  They shared the experience of catching a ball, scoring the games, and spending the time with grandpa/dad.

Betsy and Grandpa 2

Betsy’s Day at the Game is first a sweet story about two generations enjoying each other’s company, and then it is a baseball-scoring lesson.  Because of this—both entertaining and educational—I think boys and girls will like Betsy’s Day at the Game, which is best read with a parent or grandparent.

For additional links and to read an excerpt, please click HERE.

Video: Using a Baseball Scorecard with author Greg Bancroft can be seen HERE.

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Betsy’s Day at the Game

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Katherine Blackmore, illustrator    website    pinterest    jacketflap
Scarletta Kids    website    blog     facebook    twitter
Released April 9, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-938063-01-5   ebook:  978-1-938063-02-2
40 pages
Ages: 7 and up
Copyright © 2013 by Scarletta Press, used with permission.
Text:  Copyright © 2013 by Greg Bancroft
Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by Katherine Blackmore



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6 thoughts on “#303 – Betsy’s Day at the Game by Greg Bancroft

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  2. Awwww….memories (from a big, big fan of baseball!) Thanks for linking your post in the Kid Lit Blog Hop and for hostessing once again! 🙂


  3. Ha! I never knew that any of this scoring stuff even existed – the numbers and the codes. Wow! I’m getting an education. Sounds like a cute book – baseball, and communication, and caring and closeness. Nice.


    • A baseball book with a girl! A girl and her grandpa! A girl scoring the game! All wows! Scoring is easy once you’ve scored a game or two. The scorebook is the best way a coach has for ranking her batters and checking on fielder’s game play. 😀


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