#312 – Britt and Bella Beach Series #3: Bella Saves the Beach by Nancy Stewart

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Britt and Bella Beach Series, Book 3: Bella Saves the Beach

by Nancy Stewart

Samantha Bell, illustrator

Guardian Angel Publishing

4 Stars

Back Cover:  Living by the beach is so cool, but Bella worries when she starts to see trash all over the sand.  She sets about to save the beach, but finds it’s so much harder than she thought.  Through a series of failures, Bella finally succeeds!  But how does she do it?

First Sentence:    For as long as they could remember, Bella and Britt loved the beach.

Excerpt:  Bella, Britt and all their friends built sand castles and filled moats with salty sea. But this summer, the girls were worried.

“Look at all this trash, Britt,” said Bella.

She nodded. “Yeah, and I leave on vacation tomorrow. I can’t help pick it up!”

Next morning, Bella walked along the beach alone. “Hello.” Bella said to the old crooked beak pelican, perched on his piling. “Somebody has to help, and I guess it’s me.”

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Bella and Britt are at the beach the day before Britt leaves on vacation.  They notice the beach they have always loved is filling up with trash.  Bella immediately wants to clean it up but Britt cannot help, she will be gone on vacation.  Bella decides to take the task on by herself.  She picks up trash and tosses it into the barely filled trash bins.  Each day Bella works on collecting the trash, yet it her efforts are going nowhere.

Undiscouraged, Bella hatches a plan.  She will have her younger sisters help, thinking extra hands will get farther every day.  Only problem is, her sisters spend most of their time in tide pools and writing doodles on the sand’s surface.  It was time for plan 2.  Bella made up signs saying Leave Only Footprints and it began working, until a storm ruined all of the posters.  Plan 3 was Bella’s best plan.  She called Britt, who called friends, and the nest morning thirty-two friends showed up to help Bella and Britt clean up the sandy beach.  But did plan three work any better than the first two?

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Bella Saves the Beach is nicely written, but the main characters of Bella and Britt are characters that could be anyone, making it difficult to care if they win or lose their fight against trash on their beach.  Neither character is developed to where one can care about them.  It is easy to care about their plight, just not them.  Partly, I am guessing, is because this is the third book in the Britt and Bell Beach Series.  Most likely, the girls are fleshed out in the first book.

I like that the girls worry about the beach they love.  It is nice seeing kids, or anyone, care enough about something not directly theirs, and wanting to help fix it.  Slowly, Bella came up with a winning plan.  The group of kids cleaned up the beach and along the way, the rest of the town pitched in.  People began respecting the area and tossed trash in the trash bins.  This goes to show correct effort can cause the moss to roll.

The illustrations are realistic.  I like the texture and look of the sand and water.  The illustrator, Samantha Bell, made sure the kids were from diverse backgrounds and origins, which I think is terrific!  There are messages written in the sand that further Bella’s cause, but look around, they do not jump out at you.  Be observant.  I loved her posters with the message Leave Only Footprints.  That would have been a great title.  Bella talked to different sea animals when she was alone.  She told the pelican—Mr. Pelican—she would get the beach cleaned up; then told a crab she could not do it alone.  This serves as a way to introduce some of the animals one might see at a beach.  The last three pages give details about each animal and tidal pools.

Bella 2nd spread

Bella Saves the Beach, book 3 in the series, can stand alone as a full story, but I would have liked to read the first two books and get to know who Bella And Britt are as people.  Then I could care about them along with their cause.  I do think kids will enjoy Bella Saves the Beach.  It is a good story to take along on a summer vacation, or weekend trips to the beach.  Bella’s story is a nice reminder of how to act outdoors.  The environment being at the forefront of many people’s thoughts and actions, Bella Saves the Beach is a timely story.  The book is also available in paperback and digital, making it easy to read at home, in the car, and at the beach.




Britt and Bella Beach Series, Book 3: Bella Saves the Beach

by Nancy Stewart    website   blog   facebook   twitter
Samantha Bell, illustrator    website   blog      blog2    free art lessons
Guardian Angel Publishing    website   blog   facebook   twitter
Released February 2013
ISBN:  978-1-61655570-6
24 Pages
Ages: 6 to 9
Copyright © 2013 by Guardian Angel Publishing, used with permission
Text:  Copyright © 2013 by Nancy Stewart
Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by Samantha Bell



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18 thoughts on “#312 – Britt and Bella Beach Series #3: Bella Saves the Beach by Nancy Stewart

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  2. NANCY STEWART – Thank you for replying to my readers. I know they, and I, enjoy hearing from the authors and illustrators. Publishers, too. (Do not want to stop getting books from them.) Knowing these past weeks have been busy ones, taking the time out of your schedule means that much more to me.

    Good luck on the remainder of the tour.


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  4. I really like the story line of kids cleaning the beach and caring about Mother Earth. I think kids will be encouraged by the lessons taught here. I also think that because the main characters seem like they could be anyone, kids just might want to put themselves in the character’s shoes. Just a thought on that note.


    • Diane, it is interesting that you say this, as it is exactly why I wrote the book (and the others) as I did. These girls are “everychild,” and I did not want to get the overriding messages of saving our earth and empowering kids–all kids–lost.. Thank you for your insightful comment.


  5. I agree. It’s a great summer book. Lord knows there’s a lot to learn there for some people. After Hurricane Sandy around here, I hope the concept of leaving only footprints sinks in, and people will respect the restored beaches!


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