#326 – Mooseclumps and Other Poems by Ryan T. Bliss


Mooseclumps and Other Poems

by Ryan T. Bliss

Artsy Bee (SP)

4 Stars


Title Poem

Mooseclumps is lazy.
Mooseclumps is fat.
Mooseclumps believes
he’s the King of all cats.

Mooseclumps is fuzzy.
Mooseclumps is gray.
Mooseclumps is grumpy,
so please go away.

mooseclumps snag 2


Mooseclumps is a collection of poems for children age 5 to 10, though 6 and under may be too young.  Some of these poems will have a message that will teach life lessons, but most of all, that poetry can be fun and entertaining.  The poems are fun.  Kids will enjoy the goofy, often oddball characters, and the references to common childhood themes.

When I was nine,
my mother said
that she had eyes
in the back of her head.To keep me wondering
if it was true,
she’d wash her hair
with tear-free shampoo.


Variation of style is lacking in Mooseclumps.  Mr. Bliss’ poems take the form of the four-line quatrain, a narrative, or free verse.  This is not the book to get your child if you are looking for an introduction to writing poetry or want a variety of forms and devices.  It appears the author’s aim is to introduce children to poetry, while using humor to entertain.  Mooseclumps will keep your child smiling, if not belly laughing.  I would not be surprised to find children attempting their own funny poem after reading this collection.

The illustrations are also by the author, who is an attorney by day.  Most are black and white line drawings that complement the poem or play it out.  The poem entitled A Tongue on the Run has exactly that—a tongue, wearing shoes, quickly running.  A few of the illustrations have a touch of color.  Only one poem, Mortimer is in full color.  Color adds a much-needed touch to the interesting and likable illustrations.  I like the color touches and Mortimer the hippo the best.  (He follows two nearly empty pages that have a trail of what would be paper bits, but look like cracker crumbs.  I found this intriguing and creative.)


Mooseclumps, with its mostly short poems and the line drawings, looks to be emulating Shel Silverstein.  While not up to that quality of work, Mooseclumps is entertaining, humorous, sometimes charming, and always enjoyable.  I am reminded of some of the books I brought home as a child.  They were often silly, little poems or stories that made me smile, but mostly kept me reading.  Mooseclumps is a good introduction to poetry for kids.  They will enjoy the play on words and the literal, often-humorous illustrations.  Mooseclumps is Mr. Bliss’ debut book and the first he has illustrated.


Mooseclumps and Other Poems

by Ryan T. Bliss    website    blog    facebook    twitter
Artsy Bee (SP)    website
Released February 10, 2013
ISBN:  978-0-615-75521-2
58 Pages
Ages 5 to 10
Copyright © 2013 by Ryan T. Bliss, used with permission.





moseclumps discl.

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    • Thanks for commenting. It seems I am a month late, given that National Poetry Month was last month (April). Congratulations on winning a Children’s Book Week book! 😀


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